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Exterior window weep holes 2020 GD Transcend 31rlk

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  • Exterior window weep holes 2020 GD Transcend 31rlk

    Exterior window, lower area of each window rubber seal there are two weep holes, one slit on the right and one on the left side. I do understand the purpose for the weep holes.
    There are no covers over the weep holes , also there are no loose fitting plugs in the weep holes., cold air comes thru the weep holes.

    1. Are there any covers or plugs (loose fit) for the weep holes? If so what are the part numbers?
    ​​​​​​Cold air comes thru the weep holes, to the point there is excessive condensation on the inside windows everyday and frost on the inside of the window several times.

    2. Will the covers or plugs solve the problem mentioned above?

    If not, What will solve the condensation problem?

    If not, What will solve the inside frost problem?


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    So you understand the purpose for the weep holes and this is also the purpose for not plugging them. These should not be plugged at any time. An easy way to get rid of condensation that I use is to open a window a small crack to allow outside drier air to circulate into the camper while the furnace is running. We also have Maxx Air roof vent covers and we will leave one of these open slightly. I understand you are probably in a cold climate and are trying to heat your RV and opening a window or cracking the roof vent will not help in the cost of heating but this is an easy way to solve the problem.
    Another way would be to run a dehumidifier , ok if you have the room and do not mind a higher electric bill.
    Just some food for thought , hope you get a solution.

    Brian & Michelle
    2018 Reflection 29RS Oct.17 build date, EMS-HW50C , Lippert Remote
    2015 Chevy 3500HD CC LB Duramax , Reese Elite 18K


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      There should not be an air path through the weep holes to the interior of the trailer. If there was, the bugs would get in .
      The weep holes drain the window frame, but the air path to the inside is blocked by the inner felt seal when the window is closed.

      As Brian describes, the key to eliminating condensation on the inside of the glass is to dry out the inside air. Either with a dehumidifier or by expelling moist interior air which will draw in the dryer outside air. As I have described in a recent similar thread, the only time that we encounter excessive condensation on the windows is when the outside temperature drops dramatically and the interior of the RV is still full of warmer, higher humidity air. We run an exhaust fan and the furnace until the windows dry and then can usually close the exhaust fan and the windows will stay (mostly) clear.

      Cate & Rob
      (with Border Collies Molly & Angel and their kitty Gracie)
      2015 Reflection 303RLS
      2014 Ecoboost F150 with Heavy Duty Payload Package
      Whitby, Ontario, Canada