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Please include the year, make and model of your GDRV ("2019 Reflection 315RLTS") along with the make and model of the component with the issue ("Dometic RM1350 refrigerator", "Furrion FMCM15-BL microwave", etc) in your question.
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    I was planning to add a receiver for my bike rack to the rear end of my recently acquired 310 GK. However I had read on the other forum a warning about potential frame warranty issues. I called Lippert and explained my plan, and he confirmed that the warranty on the frame would in fact be voided if there was any modification to the frame. He said that the only effective way to adequately reinforce the frame in order to add the receiver would be to cut the bumper off, and that would of course void the warranty. So there appears to be no way to have this done and maintain the warranty intact. I spoke to a service person at GD and she confirmed that information and pointed out that is what is stated in the GD handbook.

    I did read about one 310 GK owner who had a receiver welded on based on the welder's statement that he had never heard of a frame problem over a 15 year period. I am not about to take that risk. I don't plan on using a bike rack bolted onto the bumper, as the bumper is not meant to handle heavy duty bike racks.

    Today I did read on the other forum website about a 310 GK owner who had Lippert make and weld on a bike rack back in 2017 at one of the GD rallies.

    Has anyone else solved this problem?

    Rich & Shari Clark, Surrey, BC
    2019 310GK, Added Furion Observation Camera, Hitch Receiver to come.
    2016 GMC 3500 Duramax Denali

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    Rich - the feedback you shared is consistent with that over the years. Adding a hitch will void the frame warranty per LCI (lippert.) Many GDRV owners (and owners of other brands over many years) have added hitches with no frame damage occurring. Have there been some frame/other issues......I suspect so for those towing too heavy of a load and/or with excessive tongue weight.

    When we asked about this in 2014, LCI stated with me in a phone conversation that they would be more than happy to install their hitch at their service center and not impact the frame warranty. The price was double (about $800 vs $400 from a local welding shop.) They did not say anything about having to cut our bumper off in 2014. Possibly this is different with Solitudes or the year of the GDRV or just a different response for who knows why ! We did not pursue either option.

    Dan & Carol
    2014 303RLS Reflection #185 (10/2013 build)
    2012 Silverado LTZ Crew Duramax 2500HD - 2700/16K Pullrite Superglide


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      Since the frame warranty is only one year, is it even an issue whether it's warranted or not?

      The moderators for this site are not GDRV employees, but we do own GDRV products.

      Jim and Ginnie
      2017 Reflection 297RSTS


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        Originally posted by TucsonJim View Post
        Since the frame warranty is only one year, is it even an issue whether it's warranted or not?

        That has always been my thought. Once you are out of warranty do whatever you want.
        2018 Reflection 28bh
        2019 F350 6.7L Long Bed Crew Cab


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          Another thing to consider.....if you decide to do the receiver on the rear; there are a LOT of bicycle racks that will not be covered under warranty if they fail while attached to the back of a travel trailer. Yep, they clearly state that in the warranty papers. There are some made that will tell you that they are approved to be mounted on an RV. It's worth checking out BEFORE you purchase one. The idea behind it is that location gets considerably more up and down bouncing than a bike rack mounted into a receiver tube on a car or truck.
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            Rich, just wondered if you went ahead with installing the receiver and bike rack? If so how is it working for you?
            I’m thinking of having a receiver welded on my frame as well for a basket/cargo hauler thing, I don’t have to worry about warranty!
            Keith and Diane
            2014 Reflection 337 RLS
            2017 Ram 3500 SRW Cummins Mega Cab


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              Keith & Diane
              I did not installed the receiver. We went to Texas for the winter and did not take the bikes and just did more walking. We had to cut our stay short by 2 weeks, so for 2 1/2 months just walked. I may investigate once the warranty is up. We only carry two bikes on a Swagman rack, which has capacity for 4 bikes. I doubt that the total weight would be more than 200 lbs for the rack and two bikes. However I did not want to risk it.
              Rich & Shari Clark, Surrey, BC
              2019 310GK, Added Furion Observation Camera, Hitch Receiver to come.
              2016 GMC 3500 Duramax Denali


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                Sorry for a very late response here. I just saw it searching for something else. I might be the person you heard about; we had a receiver installed on our 2018 310-GK by Lippert at the 2018 National Rally in Goshen, IN. They had said that the warranty would not be voided if they did the install. We were only 6 months into our warranty so we decided to have them do it, despite the extra cost of having them do it instead of a local welding shop. Since then we've had no chassis problems, so in retrospect it might not have been worth it. Ain't hindsight great?

                Fast forward to May 2019, outside Joshua Tree National Park. The boondocking websites made frequent references to a dry lake bed just outside the north entrance. Let's try it.

                You may know that the late winter and early spring were quite rainy, which resulted in an amazing desert spring bloom. And no-longer dry lake beds. We ended up six inches deep in ball-bearing-slick clay mud. When the tow truck arrived (Yea!) he took one look at the welded-on receiver framework and said, "Wow! This person really knew how to weld!" He hooked onto that and pulled rig and 350 dually right back out of the mire. Sure am glad we had that receiver added!

                Re: the comment about bike racks on RVs. The only one I found that was "RV certified" by its manufacturer was the Swagman Escapee. It has about 20K miles on it with two bikes and is good as new. Very happy with it.
                Al and Kathe
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