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And so it begins.... stay with Ram or go to Ford

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    Conclusion -

    GMC 3500 dually (both in SLT and Denali trims). Solid, stable, I absolutely love it, its a freaking battleship. Wife says no, too big. <sigh>

    We drove a few F350s. We liked an F350 crew diesel 4x4 Lariat SRW with standard bed. I found that the Powerstroke engine seemed to be the most powerful of the non-HO engines I've driven. Then we noticed that the Ford back end did not feel as stable reacting and testing lateral movement going down the road. We tested reacting to sudden lane change or avoiding another vehicle and we did not like the way it handled. Perhaps the full size bed would have been different. We were still considering the truck but returned to the lot and were surprised that door sticker showed the F350 only had 373 lbs more payload than my 2500 (?!) I guess the trim level really impacted that model.​

    Ram prices really eliminated any possibility due to my budget because of the trim levels we want. Models we looked were hitting $90k and higher. One of the factors for our reason to switch trucks is that my wife is not happy with the passenger floorboard for foot area in our Ram 2500. The transmission hump comes out into the passenger floor space and prevents comfortable foot rest. Sitting over there 8 hrs a day it starts to bother you, I get it. Happy wife, happy life! Ram has not changed the floor space from our 2022 so Ram is out of the running for us.

    I've been Testing 2022/23 GMC 3500 SLT and Denalis. GMC was not even a consideration for me early on but a lot of factors steered me this way. We like the GMC 3500, it has more pros than cons for our specific wants and needs. Out of curiosity, I asked several GMC dealers about placing an order on a 2024 model (cool new dash!) and they all were unsure of actual delivery dates, perhaps 4-6 months, so that doesn't work for me. I found a good deal on a pre-owned, low mileage, 2022 GMC 3500 Denali diesel, STD bed, 4x4 with 5th wheel pucks. Love the diesel, interior, seats, surround cameras. Payload capacity is only 700 lbs more than my Ram 2500 but that gets me where I need to be and have extra to spare. The standard 6' 10" bed is still longer than my Ram and I can also use my PullRite SuperGlide 2900 hitch with a puck adapter rail in lieu of the ISR. I may be pulling the trigger on that purchase, so I'm hoping I'm done.

    Thanks everyone for all your advice and pointers!
    2022 Reflection 150 Series 280RS, 2022 GMC 3500 Denali crew cab 4x4 6.6L Turbo Diesel, empty wallet.


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      Hello, I have a Titan XD, and pull a Transcend with it. I'd like to be able to use the truck lanes, but the pump nozzles are too large to stick in the Titan's tank. Is there some kind of adapter or something that can work for truck lanes? Thanks, any info appreciated.


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        Ellis D, mine has also been a tight fit at times. Not sure I would want try any adaptor short of replacing the face on the fill tube. My fear would be overfilling the tank, which also is not good. So, three other suggestions are:

        1. Look for fuel stations that RV friendly. Yes, there is an app for that.

        .2. Fuel up at the car pump. It may not be possible at all stations, but when necessity strikes . . .

        3. My favorite is to stop for the day before burning through a tank of fuel, unhook, and then go fill with diesel.
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