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Bakflip tonneau cover use with 5th wheel hitch

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  • Bakflip tonneau cover use with 5th wheel hitch

    Wondering if any of you are using a Bakflip F1 tonneau cover with your 5th wheel hitch on a 6 1/2 foot bed. Thinking about ordering one but need to know if it will work without folding it against the window and having a hard time finding any specs on where it folds in relation to the 5th wheel hitch in the bed.

    I hope this inquiry is not inappropriate for this forum. Please let me know and delete if it is.
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    Dennis & Phyllis Manley
    2018 Reflection 27RL; 2008 Silverado 2500HD 4X4

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    I purchased a Revolver X2 tonneau cover from a Truck Hero distributor in Calgary AB. This cover rolls up to the back window and is secured with cinch straps. It is a little more expensive that the folding type, but I could not satisfy myself in advance that the folding type would not obscure vision on a std box length. The revolver cover when rolled does obscure about an 1" or 2 up from the bottom of the back window. Take note that the side rail track of any cover protrudes into the box by about 2" on either side, so reduces your turning radius. With our previous 5th wheel a Titanium, which by design allowed for a 90 D turn, I crunched the cover track twice by having to make a tight turn into an RV site on our northern trip last summer. With the Solitude, which has a much more restrictive turning radius, I am much more careful based on previous experience. However the cover itself has worked well.

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      I had one on my 2017 F250 short bed pulling a Reflection fifth wheel. I had enough clearance with it folded forward but not up against the back window. It was easy enough to fold up while standing beside bed. I liked it, a good solid cover. Sooo when I moved up to the F350 dually and the Solitude I added the same cover. Now not so much, too heavy and eats up too much clearance on trailer. Went with the roll back Retrax model and love it! you can lock anywhere along the travel length and easy to roll back from beside the bed. Cost more than the truck it seemed lol but check one out, it's awesome!!
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        Thanks for your responses!
        Dennis & Phyllis Manley
        2018 Reflection 27RL; 2008 Silverado 2500HD 4X4