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Please include the year, make and model of your GDRV ("2019 Reflection 315RLTS") along with the make and model of the component with the issue ("Dometic RM1350 refrigerator", "Furrion FMCM15-BL microwave", etc) in your question.
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Something to think about--lengthy parts delays and SECURITY of your rig

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  • howson
    DarnDave -- good post, though a very depressing subject. Thanks for taking the time to inform the rest of us.

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  • bertschb
    Really sorry to hear about your experience. Your experience and that of many others is why I never bring my RV's to the dealer. The only exception would be something I couldn't repair myself with help from the good folks here and Youtube.

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  • d2reid
    What a horrible thing to happen to you. I hate thieves. I feel the dealership should be responsible for the deductible, happened on their watch. But fortunately I have never been in that situation so I don't know what the normal is. I always feel it is important to get face time with dealerships, service managers and parts people. Trust but verify. I annoy everyone because when I take my stuff in for repair I sit there until the work is done. Mostly because if there is a problem or a decision needs to be made I am right there to make it, but also to let folks know this thing belongs to someone, the old guy sitting in the waiting room. If it's not in pieces and the work is not done I will take it home, if I can. If not I am back the next day. Annoying I know. But not everyone has that option.

    Glad to here Progressive has been good about it.

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  • Something to think about--lengthy parts delays and SECURITY of your rig

    NOTICE: **Lengthy post alert**

    After much research, we decided to order a new Solitude 390RK-R last August. At that time, there were two dealers about 100 miles away from where we live, and two more about 200 miles away. I ordered the unit by phone and email from one of the dealers that was 200 miles away, who offered the best price. We took delivery on December 14 of 2020. After loading our stuff into it at a campground near the dealer, we were off on a 1400 mile shakedown cruise to the North coast of California, tied into a work assignment. We returned home, and a few weeks later we were off again on a shorter trip. Having spent about five weeks in the unit, we had a few minor issues pop up, as is to be expected with something so complicated. We fixed what we could, but we had one hvac thermostat with a bad display, and the bedroom A/C would only operate on fan (no compressor). In the meantime, a large multi state dealer opened up shop 30 miles from where we live. I called and made a service appointment, and dropped the unit off on March 5. On approximately the March 7, they called and said they had submitted for authorization from GD for two new thermostats. Having not heard anything from them, I called a couple of weeks later to see what was going on. They said the parts were on order. This became a recurring theme, but I kept calling every few days trying to be the squeaky wheel. Finally, on April 12 I went and paid a personal visit to the service department. The advisor read from the computer screen the same statement I had heard several times before. I insisted he go to the parts department for a status on the parts. A couple of minutes later, I had him and the parts manager on the other side of the counter. I told them I didn't want the unit just sitting there waiting on two minor parts, as something "might happen to it sitting here". Both of them got wide eyed, and the service guy picked up a notebook with a list of names and numbers on it.

    He said that I was on a list of customers he needed to call today, as two nights prior they had burglars on the lot who had broken into 10 customer rigs. I took the unit out of there, and advised them to call me when the parts arrived.

    On our unit, they entered through the (likely) unlocked streetside basement door, used a tool to remove the screws to the partition wall, and crawled through the guts of the trailer back toward the living room. There, they busted out a support "stud" under the shower to access the subwoofer I had installed behind the fireplace. They also tore and broke the thin paneling at the back of the entry closet to gain access to the interior of the unit. They stole mostly dumb little stuff. Although they tried to steal the main TV, but apparently didn't know how the mount worked, and instead applied enough force pulling on the TV that they bent the female side of the V mount such that the set and attached soundbar was hanging at a 45 degree angle. The coax for the antenna was ripped from it, breaking the connection off, and the soundbar housing cracked from the force. Back outside, they pulled on one of the side rear basement doors with sufficient force to bend the striker to gain access to that area. I was able to repair that with a small sledge hammer and chisel. Thankfully, there was no sign of forced entry from the exterior to the gelcoat.

    Yes, the damage and loss are covered by the insurance, but at a $1000 deductible. The most maddening thing is that the dealership doesn't seem to be on the hook for any of the costs related to this. You would think they should be responsible for at least the deductible.

    Had I known that it would be just sitting there waiting on two dumb little parts, I would have retrieved it and brought it home during the wait. The parts finally arrived around April 26. I removed the bad tstats, and swapped them over the counter for the good ones. Installed the new ones myself. We won't be going back there!

    As for the repairs, a dealer (not GD) whom we have purchased several RVs from over the years and trust is handling that, with the blessing of the insurance company (Progressive, they have been very good so far).

    If we all have to wait for repair parts due to the current state of the industry, it would be nice to at least have some idea of the time involved with the delay. Here's hoping this doesn't happen to any of you, and safe travels!!!