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Travel with an older dog - to Alaska

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  • Travel with an older dog - to Alaska

    Not a happy camper right now concerning my truck delivery and new trip timing.

    Anyway I am exploring taking Emma my 10 year old GSD with us instead of a house sitter or Kennel. Se is very attached to me and stresses out if I am gone for even a day or two. She has hip displasia and has been hurting more lately - Novax helps greatly. I am sure she would enjoy the trip but I am wondering what we would really be in for, such as leaving her in the trailer while we go fishing, etc. I am sure she would bark a lot being in a strange place alone in the trailer. She is also not very sociable at times, a common GSD traite to always protect the family first.

    She has gone on several; short trips with us done well, and I even bought a ramp for her to get in and out of the trailer and truck. She can jump down, but not up.

    She is current on her shots, but I will need to check the Canada regulations and us regulations for that matter.

    So any thoughts on what you do for leaving your dog in the trailer and regulations would be appreciated.

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    If this is your "bucket list " trip I would leave her behind, sadly though, and enjoy the trip. I am sure you will be plenty busy and worrying about her may deter you from doing something or have to return to her early instead of staying out a little longer.
    Hopefully that does not sound harsh.

    Our dog is very neurotic and can not stand to be away from Michelle. She would tear the camper apart if left alone inside, so she has not camped with us very often especially if we have plans of being away from the camper.

    Brian & Michelle
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      If you do decide to take her, Canada's requirements are pretty straight forward - a rabies vaccination certificate is required (just ask your vet for one).

      Alaska is a bit more unclear to me, perhaps others will chime in. I have seen everything from basic rabies vaccination to full veterinary health certificate depending on where you look. The full health certificate seems to be geared toward importing an animal (i.e. moving to Alaska) as opposed to travelling with your pet.

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        Hi Keith,

        This is a tough choice . . . that any of us with pets can appreciate. We travel with multiple pets and they keep each other company during the limited times that we are away. It seems like your choice comes down to whether your dog will be less stressed by being left with someone else for the duration of your trip or left alone while you take side trips. Our pets do limit our outings while RVing. We tend to chose activities that can include the dogs. Even for a few hours, you would want a system to remotely monitor RV interior temperature while you are away.

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          Tough choise forsure. Our dog who is 14 now had no issues being left in our trailer while we went fishing or hunting for his first 12 years but... 2 years ago he changed. Started to try to dig at the door. The screen dorr was the first thing to get torn. Next time he started to work on the actual door. Made it to the outer skin of the door. We ended up putting a piece of stainless steel on the door. We sold the trailer last week as our new GD arrived. Now talking about getting a metal cage for him or blocking the door with lawn chairs.


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            Thanks everyone - a lot to think about.
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              Yoda -- we left our poodle with his "Third Mom" (our youngest daughter) for the duration of our trip. The DW sniffled a bit as we drove away leaving him behind, but in the long run the decision was made as it was best for him (and us).

              The logistics of getting that poodle set up with a groomer, vet, medicine, bedding, doggie door on to my daughter's back yard...yikes! But he's secure and happy. Good luck with your decision.

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                We crate our two Jack Russell/chihuahua boys, now 2, every night. In the trailer we replaced one of the tri fold sofas with a recliner to make room for the oversize crate. Max has serious separtation anxiety. For this, he gets a doggie CBD "calming" treat if we have to leave the trailer (Riley is much more mellow, he doesn't need it). In our last trailer, Max chewed the interior stepwell courtesy light off the wall, and then the wiring. We were only gone about an hour. Funny they know exactly when dinner time is, but no concept of how much time elapses, lol. This is when the daytime crating started. And the calming treat. Works well for us. Barking has apparently not been an issue while we are gone, as reported by friends who were in the next campsite and present while we went to the store for provisions.

                We have a Mexican cruise booked for later this year, and are going to leave the dogs home, and just have the in-laws pop in to feed and water. They will have the run of the house and yard day and night for a week. I will be the one with the separation anxiety. Looking forward to the cruise, but not leaving them behind.

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