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Reference Material Channels? (What, Where, Why & How to Contribute)

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  • Reference Material Channels? (What, Where, Why & How to Contribute)

    What is a Reference Material (RM) channel and how can you contribute? Glad you asked!

    Subordinate to each channel of the Systems and Technical Subjects section of the forum is a RM sub-channel. These RM sub-channels contain information from it's parent that the moderators (or a forum member) has identified as important and informative. In a nutshell, it's information worth highlighting and making easy to find.

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    Forum members may post in any of the RM channels, but cannot create a new topic. To do that, make a recommendation in a regular post (usually in an existing thread in the parent channel) or send a moderator a private message.

    Please note that posts in RM channels are subject to editing, combining, or even deletion if non-applicable. The idea is to keep the thread as concise and informative as possible. Contributors to a RM will receive recognition, even if useful information from their original post is combined or moved to an existing post.

    This is an evolving process, so please fire away if you have any suggestions!
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