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Risk of kitchen island collapse - Solitude 310GK

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    Crespro Cabinet build quality never ceases to amaze me. That actually scares me a bit. Is this the island or the coffee bar? From what I see, the 1/8" paneling on the floor is there just as a partial seal for the ducting. Likewise the end panel support is extremely questionable. It's hard to tell by the picture with the angle in there, but is that a 1/8" wall sitting on the toe board? If so, is there any additional blocking in the bottom of the end panel (worries me that nails are only thing holding the parts together) to help carry the loads? Did you investigate the top of the end panel to see if it goes to the counter top (looking for load path to toe)?

    This make me want to go pull the island drawers in my 303 out and look up now. I know the floor is a solid piece.
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      Jlawles2 This is the rear section of our island. There are two 3/4 inch boards under the 1/4 inch floor board. The three floor screws are placed in the two baseboards. The angle iron has screws in the end 3/4 inch board and the base rests on the two 3/4 inch boards. It should be there for the life of the RV, with no problem. It clears the bottom drawer rail and DW is pleased it is not visible.

      This is probably more than is needed, but it was a quick and easy mod. Safe is usually better. The front end of our island has 1 inch of maple plywood from floor to countertop on each side of the dishwasher, so it is quite strong.
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