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  • Welcome Letter

    Welcome Letter to New Members

    02-22-2023, 07:17 PM

    Updated as of 6 Mar 23

    Thank you for joining the Grand Design Owners’ (Technical) Forum.
    • Advanced user tip: read the linked threads in this letter in a separate browser window. That leaves this browser window open so it's easy to switch back to where you left off in this letter. On a Windows computer this is done by right-clicking on the linked thread and selecting Open Link in New Tab.

    First Things First
    • This forum is owned by Grand Design (and they pay the bills to keep it running). The forum is moderated by owner volunteers just like yourself. Unless specified otherwise, the moderators have nothing to personally gain (monetarily or otherwise) if they mention a product or service.
    • Please read the Purpose of the Forum and the Forum Rules threads. They're short and will provide the framework for interaction on the forum.
    • If you didn't enter your VIN in your profile, please do so now. Add VIN to Profile (A "How To")
      • Having the VIN in your profile makes it easier for GD representatives to assist as there is often build-specific information they must reference.
    • Now set up your signature line. Add a Signature to Your Post
      • Why is it requested to have a signature line? Because it helps forum members respond intelligently to questions posted about your trailer if they can easily reference the trailer (and tow vehicle) that you own. If you don't own a GD trailer and are "kicking the tires", go ahead and state that, too, in your signature line.
      • Please note that this forum is trying to be user friendly for mobile devices. Keep the signature line to three lines with standard font and text color (please). Long signatures make it difficult to work through the actual message text.

    Introduce Yourself!
    "How Do I______?"
    • For the most common How do I ______ on the Forum? questions and answers, the Forum How To channel is where you'll likely find the answers.
      • Plan on spending a bit of time in this channel. It will be time well spent!

    "I'm a can I contribute?"
    • Every owner's input adds to the collective knowledge of forum members. Post what resolved your issue. Post what didn't resolve your issue! Post what was done right (and wrong) while resolving your issue. All of this information is why this forum exists: GD owners helping other GD owners with technical issues.

    Forum Norms
    • Have questions? Please post one question about a system per thread.
    • Before responding to an existing thread, read it in it's entirety. Your question / response may already be answered / posted.
    • A key skill to get the most out of this forum is knowing how to search using Google, DuckDuckGo or your favorite search engine. Searching the Forum
    • Use QUOTE or tag a member using their forum name when responding to a post. By doing so the forum member you're writing to will get a notification flag.

    Tag a Forum Member
    Quote! (Why and "How To")
    Grand Design Customer Service
      • The best way to contact GD is via Customer Service! Their phone number is on the business card posted on the home page of this forum.

    Best of the Best
    • There are threads tagged in the forum database with the keyword reference library. Knowing how to search and find these threads in a specific area of interest is well worth your time! Search for a Reference Library Thread

    • Also on the forum are hundreds of modifications owners have done to their GDRVs. Searching for these is another key skill (very similar to searching for reference library threads). Search for a Modification Thread

    Puzzled? Ask a Moderator!
    • Don’t worry about asking questions—that’s why this forum exists! Even if it seems “wrong”, post your question and we’ll take it from there. If you'd like to ask a moderator a question, this link provides an introduction and information: Forum Moderators.

    • You'll read references to "drawings" that the moderators have access to (provided to us by Grand Design). The moderators are not permitted to release any of these drawings. GD may release specific drawings to you based on your VIN and requirement, but you'll have to call Customer Service and consult with them.
    • No, there's not a electrical schematic for your GD trailer. (There's been about 100,000 requests for one...but if they do exist they've never been made available to anyone.)

    • The goal of this letter was to familiarize you with how to get the most from this forum. Did it fulfill that purpose? How can we make it better? The moderators want (and would appreciate) your feedback. You can do so in this thread or start a new thread in the Announcements and Site Feedback channel.

    Again, Welcome!
    • We look forward to your participation on GD’s technical forum.

    Grand Design Owners’ Forum Moderators
    The moderators for this site are not GDRV employees, but we do own GDRV products.

    TucsonJim (Jim)
    Cate&Rob (Rob)
    howson (Howard)
    Country Campers (Brian)
    ncitro (Neil)

    P.S. Many thanks to the following forum members for their input on this Welcome Letter: Andi (this was her idea and she drafted the first version); OurNewEra, bertschb, Yoda and Canyonlight

    Forum moderators are not GD employees--we are volunteers and owners presumably just like yourself. Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, we have nothing to gain should you choose to purchase a product or engage a service we discuss on this forum.

    Neil Citro
    2018 Reflection 28BH Pepwave
    2019 F350 6.7L Long Bed Crew Cab