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Maintenance Tips from the Grand Design Service Team

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  • Maintenance Tips from the Grand Design Service Team

    One more document (linked below) from a recent regional rally that might be of interest. Text is verbatim from the document.

    Maintenance Tips from the Grand Design Service Team
    Slide-out seal care & Maintenance
    • Keeping the seals clean with soap and water and removing dirt and debris is part of owner's maintenance.
    • Seal Care:
    o Talcum powder in a sock
    o Do not use petroleum-based sprays on the rubber seals.
    • Recommended video- Schwintek Slide-out : https:/ / .com/watch?v=dSxC-OGSWwk

    Through-frame slide adjustments
    Recommendation: Work to be completed at an authorized dealership or service repair shop .

    Exterior Maintenance & Roof Maintenance
    • Doing an exterior check and performing roof maintenance every 3 months is an owner responsibility.
    • As a part of owner maintenance, check all sealants on roof, around roof attachments, seams, compartment doors, trim molding, windows, etc.

    Dump valve lubricant
    • It is acceptable to lubricate the shaft where the pull handle is located . Aftermarket stores offer a lubricant that goes in the holding tank that will lube the valves .

    EZ Lube Hubs
    • Grand Design does not recommend using the grease zerks . If the grease doesn't make its way into the bearings, it could cause the grease seal to leak with the result of grease getting onto the brake shoes .

    Tank sensor errors
    • Most common items to check: wiring, ground wires for the sensors on the tank, possible debris across the sensors .

    CRC Lubricant
    • This lubricant can be used on steps, hinges, door locks, waste valves, jacks, awning pivot points, etc. It is useful on just about anything that moves!

    What is an SRT?
    The Grand Design Service Response Team (SRT) provides service for immobilized GDRV units. SRT also provides support to over 200 dealers. This includes answering questions on GDRV units in their shop, technical support, warranty questions, and tech training. SRT provides support at the regional rallies, as well as the SRT provides roadside assistance to anv brand unit immobilized on the side of the road when they can safely stop to aid.​

    Maintenance Tips from the Grand Design Service Team.pdf
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