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    1. RV-related business owners and/or salespeople are encouraged to participate on this site, but they may not solicit customers or data-mine either publicly or through private messaging. Forum moderators or Grand Design will determine if a URL link and contact information to the member's place of business is acceptable in their signature line, forum username, profile picture or any other location on this site.
    2. Religious, political, or firearms related posts are prohibited.
    3. No profanity, including abbreviations or attempt to camouflage adult language.
    4. Interactions with other members shall and will remain civil. Name calling, harassment, bullying and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
    5. This forum is for technical discussions. Posts that are primarily complaints or grievances regarding Grand Design RV, its dealers or suppliers will be removed. Owners with complaints are encouraged to contact their dealership or Grand Design RV customer service.
    6. Posting of links to spam sites is expressly prohibited.
    7. No posting of the same topic in multiple forum sections.
    8. Members will post their threads in the appropriate section of the forum.
    9. Posts must refrain from mentioning race, color, or sexual orientation.
    10. "For Sale" posts are not allowed on this site.
    11. Forum moderators are fully empowered by Grand Design RV to interpret and enforce the rules. Any situation not specifically covered by a rule will be decided by the moderators. Use of this forum is interpreted as the user unconditionally agreeing to this condition.
    12. Members should stay on the topic of the original posting in a thread. or post a new thread if the response is significantly different.
    13. In order to standardize readability on the forum across multiple device types, users agree to utilize the default font (size and color) and page colors. Short exceptions to highlight a particular word or sentence can be used sparingly.
    14. Grand Design drawings and factory processes are proprietary. Do not post drawings or factory pictures on the forum.
    15. The owner of a competing forum owned by Social Knowledge, LLC, has asked that we not link to that forum. Please respect their wishes. Any links to that forum will be removed.
    16. Threats of lawsuits will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the forum.
    17. User Names and User Avatars must be non-controversial and "G" rated
    Want to contact a Moderator with questions? See

    <Signed - Moderators>

    (Revised 3/14/2023)
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    Jim and Ginnie
    2024 Solitude 310GK - 2020 F350 Dually
    GDRV Technical Forum Moderator
    GDRV Rally Support Coordinator