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2022 Imagine2970RL Brakes

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  • 2022 Imagine2970RL Brakes

    HI We are looking for information on the braking system, our brakes do not seem to be stopping the trailer. We had our truck checked the electric braking system is working on the truck. We pulled the trailer slowly and pulled the break away but the wheels kept turning, and did not hear any noise as to the brakes engaging. We have only used the trailer twice and it doesn't feel like the brakes on the trailer are coming on even when we set the brake controller to 10 which is heavy on our truck ( F250 ) and it still does not feel like much is happening with the brakes. Any advice?

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    You could start by adjusting the brakes, or have someone di that for you. If that does not fix it then you will need to confirm that power is getting to the brakes.

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      I would start by having the trailer brakes electrical connections checked and repaired (especially the ground). After that, as Brian Mentioned have them adjusted. There have been several instances of trailer brake connections not being properly made which has lead to headaches.

      Also note that trailer brakes need rotation for activation. You can magnet check them to see if they are getting power, but they will not activate until a set amount of rotation has occurred due to the nature of the magnet and arm arrangement.
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        A quick check for whether the trailer brakes are getting power is to hold a magnetic compass below the centre of the wheel and as close to the brake drum as you can get. This is where the electro magnet is that applies the brakes. Then pull the emergency brake apply and watch to see if the compass needle swings. The brakes may still need to be manually adjusted for proper apply.

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 Welcome to the family and the forum!

          In addition or maybe elaborating to the above the things infest my brain.. First is maladjustment,
          Second is power issues including the TV.
          Third is greasy shoes.

          Rather than lecture / reading material which isn't readily absorbed by many, there are you tube (and possibly) LCI videos. If you aren't comfortable with doing this, the servive dept should be able to do it in less than 15 minutes without unhooking.
          Using a meter, locate the brake application pin in your connector and ensure that the voltage range rises as the power is increased.
          Using a flashlight, look around and at every point possible for any indication for a seal leak'

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