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    Welcome to the Grand Design Owners' Forum. The primary purpose of this forum is to help Grand Design owners operate, maintain, trouble-shoot, repair, and even modify their units. We welcome your participation in this forum for those purposes. If you have an emergency, we'll try to get you help right away. Many of our members have spent their careers in technical and engineering fields and can normally get you pointed in the right direction.

    GDRV, since its inception has been and remains an RV manufacturing leader in their commitment to provide customer service support. This forum along with their various other social media are valuable tools for owners and other stakeholders.

    If you are researching maintenance or repair procedures, the first place to seek information is your owner's documentation. If further assistance is needed contact your selling dealership. If this is not possible, you can contact Grand Design Customer Service at 574-825-9679 for advice. If you seek assistance through this forum, please understand that it is up to the you to understand the impacts of any repairs or modifications that are recommended on this forum. The owner assumes all risk associated with attempting repairs or modifications. Owners are always advised to follow proper safety procedures such as disconnecting electrical circuits, using personal protection devices, etc. before proceeding.

    If you have a topic you'd like to post that is not covered by the sections of this technical forum, please seek another venue with broader topical subjects such as, or Facebook.

    (Revised 6/27/2022)
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