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GroundControl 3.0 "frame twist"

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  • GroundControl 3.0 "frame twist"

    So, we've got an interesting GroundControl 3.0 (electric) leveler problem. Fulltime 2021 Grand Design 303rls with about 30k miles on it. Out of warranty. No notable issues before this.

    If anyone with expertise in these leveling systems has any insights on next steps, I'd be interested in hearing them...

    About 10-12 days ago we got an out-of-stroke error when auto-leveling on a decently flat spot. After a number of leveling attempts in 4 spots, various experiments, and about 2 hours working thru test procedures with Lippert on the phone today (including re-homing by creating a fault, experimenting with blocks, checking motor bolts, checking controller voltages, auto & manual, etc - all this normal stuff checked out OK), this is what seems to be going on...

    The controller is seeing the front & rear side-side levels as being off by 4-5°, even on pretty level ground. So the front might read +1.5 & the rear reads -2.3.

    So when I try to level, auto or manual, at some point it reports "correcting frame twist" and will only run a single rear leveler out, until the leveler reached out-of-stroke (twisting the frame in the process). It prevents completing the leveling process.

    After one attempt, I re-zeroed (so it wouldn't see the frame twist), manually leveled, then re-zeroed again. When I then auto-leveled the next spot, it worked fine. Then the next move it did the same thing with the error.

    From discussions with Lippert, possibilities are (1) the sensor is faulty or has moved on the frame (2) the controller is faulty, or (3) least likely, there is actually a frame issue.

    At the moment we are relying on blocks to level side-side. Any suggestions on things to check or probable course of action? Unfortunately, checking the sensor ain't easy since it is above the chloroplast in the rear, but that's probably the next step.​
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    I always use blocks or similar to level side to side. With your tests and continued issue I would guess that you have either a faulty rear sensor or it has become loose, or even a loose or broken wire and unfortunately the only access is to drop the under belly. Also check the front sensor, at the top of the front storage, and make sure that it is tightly mounted.

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      Imo, you need to verify the mounting of both sensors. While at the sensors unplug and reconnect the wiring connections and give the wires and boards a good visual check for abrasions, corrosion etc.
      I also use blocks for side to side leveling.
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        ^^^ Yep - what they said.
        Ken & Sandra
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          Several people have reported the rear sensor mount has become disoriented (bent) from travel on rough roads. This leads to various errors similar to your experience.

          From the best I can tell, the rear sensor on the 303 is about in line with the rear 2 jacks based on several post.
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            I think this goes along with this post, so here it is. Arrived at a camp site today, and fairly level. Began auto level process. Towards the end of the auto level process I received a reading saying “too much” or “excessive twist detected”. It was then followed by some loud popping sounds as it attempted to level. Ended up with driver side wheels off the ground about an inch. I didn’t like the wheels off the ground, as I attempted an auto level I received a message “retract all jacks now”. Had to hook back up and start over. Using a level I am slightly off level, but wheels are on the ground. Thoughts on loud noises? Springs popping? Any other thoughts?
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              Loud popping when the wheels lifted could be the swing shackles flipping. Had that happen on a previous 5er.
              Vehicle: 2018 GMC K2500 Denali Diesel
              Coach: 303RLS Delivered March 5, 2021
              South of Houston Texas


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                I had all sorts of problems with that system on my trailer and found out that the rear sensor mounting bracket had bent down a lot. Also since GD doesn't know how to properly secure wiring harnesses from moving, the wires at the connector were damaged. I welded on a more substantial mounting plate and repaired and secured the wiring. I also leveled the front sensor for good measure.
                After re-zeroing the system all has been good. There are not many things assembled more poorly than an RV!
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