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Lippert level up jack would stay retracted

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  • Lippert level up jack would stay retracted

    I recently had an issue with the Lippert Level Up system, after connecting to my truck, I notice the road side center and rear jack was starting to lower. I push the retract all and they came back up, a couple minutes later started lower again (very slowly). This is the first time this has happened owning the trailer for a year now. We were leaving on a eight day trip, so call Lippert (very nice people) and told him the problem. He told me some technical issues that might be causing it but would require some serious troubleshooting and this thing is in my driveway hooked up and ready to go. I got in touch with my dealer afterwards said might have to bring it in, but it might be a week or two nobody's working. So I ask him could I strap it so we make a trip and said that would probably work. So I did, and sure enough it keep them up. Made our trip and each time we traveled I would strap it. Has anybody had a similar problem and if so, what fixed it. And by the way, at each stop the level up would work normally. Since our return I let trailer sit and they would stay up. This is on a 2019 Momentum 395M. Thanks in advance.....

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    Welcome to our owners technical forum!

    My guess is that a small bit of some contamination (perhaps a metal shaving) was holding a hydraulic check valve open ever so slightly resulting in a very small internal leak. With use, this contamination has cleared and the problem may never re-occur. But . . . this is just my guess . . . over to others for alternate theories . . .

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      Thanks Rob, I'm hoping that's the case....It definitely will be a part of my checklist....


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        Cate&Rob might be right about the containment having moved through the check valve, but it is still in the system. I don't have any idea of the chances of the problem reoccurring, but if it does when going down the road with no straps on the jacks it could be a disaster. Might want to think about having the hydraulic system flushed, or keep strapping the jacks in place (I also wouldn't assume that it will be the same two jacks that get affected next time).
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          Hey John, That's some good points....I will look into it....might reach out to you again...we have the same camper and truck...


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            I have an update to my level up jacks, Talked to Lippert an found that the valve on the jack was a half turn from being fully closed, raised jacks for several days and they all stayed retracted. I will post again if the problem returns.