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Hydraulic fluid leaking on jack

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  • Hydraulic fluid leaking on jack

    Anyone know the procedure for replacing seals and such to correct a hydraulic fluid leak on a front jack ?
    Level of difficulty ?

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    If you can take a picture I might be able to figure out the fitting. However have you tried to tighten it yet. It may just be loose. If the fitting has two nuts, one each side of the union you will need two crescent wrenches to properly tighten. Remember righty tighty and lefty loosee (clockwise tighten - counter clockwise loosens). Also if you post your model number we might be able to look it up.

    While I don't have hydraulics on my trailer my tractor and farm equipment have a lot of them. Some are just compression type (no o-ring) while others are what are called o-ring boss that do have an 0-ring. No mater what the type it takes two wrenches so you don't break things - don't ask how I know

    Hope this helps
    2018 Reflection 150 Series 220RK 5th wheel. Reese R20 Titan hitch, Steadyfast system, 2004 F350 King Ranch dully