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Please include the year, make and model of your GDRV ("2019 Reflection 315RLTS") along with the make and model of the component with the issue ("Dometic RM1350 refrigerator", "Furrion FMCM15-BL microwave", etc) in your question.
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Fridge fix when not cooling (Norcold 1210)

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  • Fridge fix when not cooling (Norcold 1210)

    This last trip out our fridge wouldn't cool before we left. 1 month out of warranty as well. Packed the food in a cooler and headed to the CG. Sitting around the campfire I was reading a little about issues on our Norcold 1210. Most seem to come down to two issues
    1. The sensor/board that is visible behind the fridge through the access panel. I believe it's an overheat trip which can be reset with a strong magnet. It's prone to getting water in it and causing it to trip as well. If tripped, there should be a red light/led visible.
    2. The Thermistor which is the piece that goes on the fins to regulate the temperature tends to fail.
    There is also a troubleshoot mode to actually find out what might be wrong. Link to the PDF: This is for 1200 & 120X models, however, the error codes are identical for the 1210 which is the most recent version. Oddly enough, the manual for the 1210 does NOT have this information listed!

    Page 49-51 of the manual indicates which LED on the display number relates to which fault is on the fridge. There are multiple pages of fault codes so you can scroll and check each page. I would highly suggest printing this manual out and keeping it in the camper. The literature I got with my camper was not nearly this detailed and pretty useless.

    In my case, page 5 fault, #1 was illuminated indicating Thermistor failure. I also checked page 3, which is the actual fin temperature. Mine was 0, further indicating there was no communication with the probe. At the very least it should had been reading room temperature.

    A little more googling pointed to people being able to unplug it and basically hot wire the fridge. The fridge light is on this connector so you will lose the light inside the fridge as well. I unplugged it, set the fridge to 9 and went to bed. I woke up and the fridge was down to 30 degrees! It proceeded to drop in temperature so I lowered it to cold setting #6 and it settled right at 35 degrees.

    I ordered a new thermistor for $20 and waiting for for it to come in. In the mean time I am a little annoyed at the fact they removed instructions on how to diagnose issues, basically forcing you to go to a dealer where they can up-sell you on a repair, or possibly a whole new fridge. The good news is you can bypass this thermistor should yours fail so your food doesn't all spoil.

    I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but I did not know about it and information was extremely scarce on the subject.
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    Wow - This is great information and I really appreciate you sharing the solution. This is a frequent issue and your post will hopefully help people in the future.

    Note: I edited the title by adding in the model number to make future searches a little easier.

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      Excellent post RoyB!
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        Glad to help. I've been on other websites, so it's good to have multiple resources. This forum seems a bit more tech focused so I thought this would be useful for people. I managed to put the above together based on reading other brand of campers forums, as well as watching a couple different youtube videos. Oddly enough, no one had all the info from start to finish in one place.

        While I have a 1210, I believe the procedure would work for the 1200 series as well.
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