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WFCO WF-5220 Inverter Panel Reads COMMUN. FAIL

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  • WFCO WF-5220 Inverter Panel Reads COMMUN. FAIL

    Hello all!

    just picked up our 2024 Solitude 310GK with Solar Package and Generator Package. The control panel for the WFCO Inverter WF-5220 was reading DC Status at 13.4v. Last night it suddenly says DC Status COMMUN. Fail. We did not move the rig or touch anything. I have been told to power cycle from the LCD panel and should be fine. Also been told the phone cable that is used between the inverter and the LCD panel could be the culprit. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks so much for the help!!

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    Originally posted by HappyCampers29RS View Post
    Has anyone experienced this?
    I haven't experienced this failure, but reading the manual it's either the RJ-11 cable, the display panel, or the inverter. Try the power cycle and also try reseating the RJ-11 connectors at the display panel and also at the inverter. ("Reseating" means to remove the cable and then plug it back in.)

    If reseating doesn't work what I'd do is buy a 50' RJ-11 cable from Amazon -- only $8. (Get the long cable so it will reach both components without snaking it through the camper walls.) If the new cable fixes the problem, replacing the original can be done by you (if you're a DIY'er) or at least you can definitely tell your dealer what the issue is to expedite the repair.

    If the cable doesn't fix the problem, might be time to call the dealer and/or GD (I wouldn't buy a new display or inverter since it's under warranty).

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      Seeing this issue now myself on a new 2024 30g, HappyCampers29RS did you get this resolved?