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    While I was in the basement Fixing the propane leak at the furnace (HVAC thd.) I remembered what a PAIN it was fixing all the leaks on the water board I inherited with a dozen or so conductors (and hoses) intertwined and woven together. Had to fix the leaks first during move in day one- that was done a few weeks ago so, instead of a complete gutting...lets just get rid of some of that spaghetti monster and take the strain off stuff. Romex, LV, 12v solar conductors, all kinds of stuff was woven hither and thither, some were stretched TIGHT, some were pinched, some Romex going to the 120v ext socket on the water board was flailing. The main shore power conductor was laying on the water pump and unsecured, the pump was buried under an assortment of things.
    So- what to do. Chop, cut and rebuild. 22, 16, 10 awg adhesive filled heat shrink butt connectors, crimper, heat gun, Tesa tape and a million cable ties of various sizes. Make some hangers from 75# ties for hoses and shore power conductor. Just spend a few hours finding the path of least resistance for everything and gently re-route some stuff like a bundle that was scraping on the sharp corner of the converter and isolate some hoses/tubes from WP vibes/shaking.
    Could not access the big nest behind the breaker box in the basement, that's best tackled from the inside/pulling the box- but its all pretty stationary and posing no issue now it can wait.
    Only one b4 pic (buried water pump)- not sure what happened to the others, but you get it. Hadn't trimmed the tails yet in pics either in case I wanted to move something (and did- solar feed conductor, etc). Going to move the water pump a little forward, lengthen the feed hoses, move the converter... then re-do the waterboard as per Nautilus P1 assemby instructions as the installer used their own formula- it all works fine, just a little wonky looking and not as easy to service, and it's no longer leaking- didn't do any other work to the board other than clamps/pivots/elbows during move in and we had two of us on that job to stop leaks only. Now that the looming is out of the way and all the tangle and strain are gone- I can pull the water board, put it on the bench and re-do it from scratch with a new, factory pre-cut PEX Installation kit from BandB like it's supposed to be ( I really like the P1, and if you build it in layers like the maker instructs, it's intuitive and serviceable, and PEX can't be beat when done correctly). Then it'll be super easy to service, look nicer after a little more tidy-up and even though it's all hidden behind the boards, I know it's there.


    #1...B4...yikes. All mixed up with wires and hoses and PEX and a smothered water pump. You can actually see the strain on the RD/BK Solar feed conductor (diagonal middle left to upper right). bettuh. Check out the shore power conductor, no longer bouncing on the water pump/placing strain on the socket, no more strain now and this is where it wanted to go- a big gentle loop. more flapping Romex and LV, water board is now free and clear (not a hose/tube/conductor cat's cradle). And that's next on the list- snip the water feeds, pull the board, re-do per BandB the correct way with the right parts on the bench (yep- they are supposed to be bench assembled, all PEX, THEN installed in the rig), move the water pump a little farther away, same with converter, re-install everything nice and neat, bingo.

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    Job well done, much easier to troubleshoot when issues arise.

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        Looks so much better, well done. Darn it, Now I want to go tidy up my basement... Lol
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          Originally posted by WondersAwait View Post
          Looks so much better, well done. Darn it, Now I want to go tidy up my basement... Lol
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          '20 Baby Grand 230RL
          '93 Ford F350, 4WD, Crew, long box, 7.5L, SRW
          Demco High Jacker 6076P-16k
          Demco custom rails 8552005-71