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200Mk electrical upgrades

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  • 200Mk electrical upgrades


    Last September we took our Transcend 200MK dry camping for 5 days in Rocky Mountain National Park. Prior to the trip, we had already replaced the lead acid battery with a 100 AH Battleborn Lithium. The solar panel delivered with the 200MK kept the Lithium battery charged during the trip- but just barely, and it was sunny most days (with some random showers periodically).

    So we decided to upgrade the solar and the battery to handle longer trips in the future. We purchased a second 100AH Battleborn lithium and a 200 watt solar panel from Rich Solar to add to the furrion solar panel that shipped with the unit. I checked the specifications and the furrion solar charge controller that was delivered with the TT can handle the upgrade.

    I also wanted better protection for the batteries so I also purchased a locking battery box.

    The biggest issue with adding the solar panel is the furrion proprietary solar connectors - I could not find a 2-1 splitter for the furrion connector. These splitters are common for standard solar connectors. So I purchased the individual standard solar connectors and a crimp kit and made my own 2-1 splitter/adapters.

    It all works great. any comments or concerns?


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    Nice looking install Randy. That should work well for you.

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    Jim and Ginnie
    2017 Reflection 297RSTS