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Power Watchdog EPO E4 error

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  • Power Watchdog EPO E4 error

    We bought a 2020 Solitude 375 RES-R in Jan '21 and have been using a 50amp Power Watchdog EPO. From the very beginning, we'd periodically get the "E4" error, which according to Hughes indicates that the RV is pulling over 60 amps on line 2. This has happened randomly and infrequently whenever we have the RV out or in storage with power and the worst part about this error is that, unlike errors created at the pole, it doesn't attempt a reset, it just cuts off the power to the RV which then has to be reset manually. I contacted Hughes and they sent me the most recent unit (v3.09) that supposedly waits 4 seconds before shutting off the power (the unit I had originally shut it off immediately). So I put the new one in and after a couple weeks it did it again and for the first time I was in the RV. Nothing unusual happened prior to the error. I reset it and it was fine for several months. We were away at a wedding this weekend and sure enough, it failed while we were away and we had a bunch of food to throw out yesterday. The only thing I know about running on line 2 that would draw any amps while we're out of the RV is the living room A/C and I've seen that pull maybe 25 amps at start up and then run at 15. We tried overloading that line by simultaneously running the microwave, toaster oven, etc and only got to around 40 amps. I watch the app all the time to see what's running but have never seen anything that looked out of the ordinary on line 1 or line 2. So what could be causing that particular line to randomly pull over 60 amps for several seconds with months between errors? Is there something in the RV that I should be concerned about or is it an issue with Hughes? I thought the Watchdog was the best unit out there, but unless I can pinpoint whats causing this particular error, I'll have to switch to something less "sophisticated".
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    Very odd. The most likely source would be a motor, which points to the air conditioner. It could draw a little over 50A if the motor didn’t start spinning when power was applied, but I’d think you’d notice if it was locked for four seconds.

    My first thought is I’d want a better current monitor to see what’s actually happening on AC startup. Easier first step might be to contact the AC manufacturer tech support and see if they think some known failure in their unit could be causing it.
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      Thanks for the advice. The A/C is a Coleman Mach 10 I believe; it's never had an issue starting up and I've never heard any funky sounds while it runs (and it runs A LOT here in central FL!). My main issue with Hughes is that this error doesn't cause an automatic restart like others. I would've never expected such an error from within the RV in the first place, but in any event I'd expect the Watchdog to at least attempt several resets before cutting off power for good. Every time I restart the Watchdog after this error, everything comes back on, the living room AC starts up and runs at 15 amps and everything runs for weeks or months as if nothing happened.


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        brookseitz I do not have the Watchdog (Progressive Industries here), but I would be surprised if it was drawing more than 60A for 4 seconds without tripping the breaker on the post. I could see a brief spike (like from A/C startup) not tripping the breaker, but 4 seconds would be long enough that it should trip, so I would suspect something in the EMS.

        Does it go off if you are not using the A/C? Just curious if that is the draw that is causing the issue.
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