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Clicking in front storage bay

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    Here's the 7-pin scheme.

    2021 Reflection 310RLS
    2020 F350 PS,CC,LB,SRW


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      Problem? What problem?? Good news and thank
      you all who replied and helped. All comments were
      very much appreciated and valued. I got it working,
      it’s not clicking anymore and everything works.
      I just wish I had a definitive answer as to why it
      wasn’t working and why it is now? Here’s what I did…

      Finally traced the wire related to the clicking
      auto-reset circuit breaker to the electrical junction
      box up inside (facing bottom) of the turning point
      king-pin with 7-pin wires coming out of it and a bunch
      of wires going into that box. (Thanks for
      pointing me in that direction Country Camper & howson)
      The hot wire Going into junction box which has
      the 2-wire locking tab mechanism. That ohmed out
      (had continuity) just fine on both ends. The 4-white
      wires and the related mostly white wire with thin red
      strip on it were all (5 total ) common wires stuffed into
      very large blue wire nut. I Found my related wire and
      found the other end going through a hole behind
      battery In the wall structure by removing bottom cover
      under storage area. There was another same kind of
      very large wire nut with the 5-wires stuffed in it. I
      Separated them all and found my wire and it ohmed
      out good; so that perplexed me. I also swapped two
      30-amp reset circuit breakers with the related
      one that was clicking. I reconnected all of the wires
      on both ends using same large blue wire nuts.
      Put it all back together and it all works? No clicking.
      No issues. All devices are working. Possibly
      the related wire wasn’t making contact in on of those
      large wire nuts? Idk? It seemed to be good contact
      when I removed the large wire nuts and tape? Idk,
      again wish I had a better definitive black & white
      resolution to tell you, but I don’t. However, maybe
      this forum conversation might help somebody else
      troubleshoot a similar issue down the road.
      Thanks again !!!
      2021 Reflection 150 260RD


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        You may want to remove those large wire nuts and replace with a buss bar or similar, wire nuts do not hold well while a vehicle is in motion, I fear you may have this issue arise at some other time. Thanks for sharing.

        Brian & Michelle
        2018 Reflection 29RS Oct.2017 build date, EMS-HW50C , Lippert Remote
        630 ah battery, Victron Multiplus 2, 800 watts solar, 100/50 SCC
        2015 Chevy 3500HD CC LB Duramax , Reese Elite 18K


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          Thanks for the 7-pin out schematic.

          And good suggestion on getting rid of the large
          wire nut, I was planning on it too. Bad Design
          by Grand Design. Go figure, not so Grand. It’s
          probably a cost cutting measure to use them.
          2021 Reflection 150 260RD


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            A lot of people replace the metal junction box with one of these this gives a better place for making all of those connections. When I did mine, everything ended up with a ring terminal on a post.
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