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Please include the year, make and model of your GDRV ("2019 Reflection 315RLTS") along with the make and model of the component with the issue ("Dometic RM1350 refrigerator", "Furrion FMCM15-BL microwave", etc) in your question.
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Furrion Air Conditioner Features (GD Video)

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  • Furrion Air Conditioner Features (GD Video)

    Moderator note: Link to video provided by MikeM

    Furrion Air Conditioner (Features)
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    So the furnace heat run output goes directly to the AC vents and there are no heat ducts in the floor?
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      Originally posted by BC315RLTS View Post
      So the furnace heat run output goes directly to the AC vents and there are no heat ducts in the floor?
      No , there are heat ducts in the normal areas. The thermostat probe is positioned inside the AC plenum. In order for it to register a temp the AC fan must be on to draw air out of the coach and past the probe so the thermostat sees what temp it is. This is not an ideal set up and we are trying to track down what to do next for owners that camp with out shore power. Some have found already that with out the AC fan on it gets very hot inside , not good.

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        I owned an Open Range 5th wheel (from 2010) with two Carrier V Heat pump units. They each had an IR remote to control the AC, Heat Pump and the living room one also controlled the furnace. The temperature sensor was in the ceiling unit. It worked fine with the AC and Heat pump as long as you kept the fan going. As for the furnace, it was horrifically inaccurate, so I wired a traditional digital wall mounted thermostat to control the furnace independent of the Carrier control. It worked much better and I could set the furnace to come on about 5 degrees below what the heat pump was set to, so if we had a cold night and the Heat Pump stopped working (below 40 degrees) then all would be fine.

        Very easy to add a wall thermostat and disconnect the furnace from the AC unit control. Just 2 wires control the operation of the furnace. Short them together and the furnace runs. An inexpensive battery operated wall thermostat works great.


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          Yeah I assume in these units with the Furrion A/C units they’re still using Suburban furnaces. If so then regardless of what’s going on in the Furrion thermostat or A/C unit the Suburban furnace is looking for a simple open or short on two wires to control it. If they ran a conventional thermostat wire then there’s probably unused wires that’s could be used for a dedicated furnace thermostat. Just match those wires up in the plenum to the wires going to the furnace and you’d be all set.
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