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How to store basic inline RV water filters

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  • How to store basic inline RV water filters

    Hey gang,

    We use the basic inline Camco RV filter, mostly drink bottled water... in between trips, sometimes a few months, how do you treat/store them to prevent mold from building up inside?

    My concern is, if there isn't a way to treat/store them, then it's a new filter each trip

    I run a bleach solution through hoses, the RV lines and tank but not sure that is good for the inline filter

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    All of the manuals I can find online say about the same thing:

    If RV, watercraft, or filter system has not been used recently, turn water on and allow it to flow for several minutes to flush the system.​


    Filter life depends on water quality. Replace each camping season or when an undesirable taste or odor appears. Replace if water flow decreases significantly.​ ... Flush RV or Marine water system by allowing tap to run several minutes if system has not been used recently.​

    One example here:

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      I do as stated above. After each use I reinstall the caps and leave it until next use then run water through for a few minutes. We do not drink the water, we carry our own. It is also important to flush a new filter, there is plenty of particulate that comes out, before initial use.

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        Of all the costs associated with the RV carefree lifestyle; propane, space rent, fuel, new tires every four to five years, etc.; a new water filter is fairly inexpensive. Look online for a low-price option, buy in bulk (its not like the filters will go bac) and change it out.

        FWIW, I remove the filter from our on board cartridge before sanitizing the freshwater tanks.
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          We have an inline filter where I store it vertically (inlet down) to let it drain. Then the caps are installed. Sanitizing the filter with bleach or other treatments will destroy the filter. Activated carbon in the filter is used to trap chlorine and other chemicals.



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            Thanks all, appreciate the comments



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              It's been a while, but this site Filters4you​ is where I bought my last year supply of 12 filters.
              2018 Momentum 395M
              2018 Ram 3500 Dually
              Every day is a Saturday, but with no lawn to mow.