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Water heater low point drain leak

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    Originally posted by TedS View Post
    CPVC is rated to 200F service.
    You are correct, but the folks at the manufacturing facility I spoke with said this rating is for cemented pipe/fittings, not *threaded*.

    What got me started on this research was when I bought a threaded 1/2" CPVC fitting at Lowes. I got home and noticed on the package that it stated "for cold water use only". I too thought all CPVC was rated for 200F at about 150 psi.

    I don't doubt that it will work even in the threaded fittings, but I was just posting this as an FYI.

    By the way, I ended up with an aluminum pipe nipple to isolate the brass check valve. Again, I'm sure this is over-kill.
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