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  • Read the book on winterizing

    I guess that it is a no brainer. Unless you are an experienced camper and then you just listen to the orientation and learn what's new. Froze my Furrion tankless heater because of it. Coming from a tanked heater and being told we have a tankless heater in our Reflection 5er you would think that a normal piping flush would work. WRONG. The tankless has a drain that does not drain with the rest of the piping. Our new trailer has an idiot board for the plumbing with brightly colord knobs with charts that show you how to do everything. Winterizing is one task. Place valves in correct position and flush. NO. Read the book. The red knob on the board bypasses the heater. Why would you bypass a tankless heater. Beats me. Read the book and in the details that no one reads it states that so it does and I did. No antifreeze in the water heater, the tankless heater. Though I did manage to get some in it somehow to save most of it. Unfortunately there is a low drain pipe that is not in the stream. If you read the book in the fine print it tells you as part of long term storage to open this drain. Not in the winterizing. Grand Design nor my dealer would stand behind the replacement; $1100. Was it my fault, yes but I think that Grand design also shares some responsibility. Our dealer did not know about the little red knob and found out accidentally. So I say don't trust the reps during the orientation. If you are new to tankless water heaters read the book.


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    Usnthedog I am sorry to hear that there was no consideration for you. These tankless water heaters are a somewhat new product and I fear some of the dealers staff are not up on the requirements. We spent a fair bit of time with the Furrion staff while at the factory a few weeks ago and they showed us the two drains you spoke of and if they had not pointed them out I would not have known they were there. I am glad to hear that the book was correct at least. If your damage was to the copper line towards the bottom there is a member that was able to pull his water heater out and patch it. Given they are not warrantying it anyway there would be no reason not to try and save the $1,100. Here is a link to his repair, post #118:

    If you are replacing it out of pocket I would suggest the Truma, I have had one for almost a year now and find it to be a much better designed product. Easy to winterize and has a small tank it keeps warm so the benefits of tankless and tank in one unit.
    Neil Citro
    2018 Reflection 28bh
    2019 F350 6.7L Long Bed Crew Cab


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      You could also replace with the tank heater that most are use too at a fraction of the cost.

      Brian & Michelle
      2018 Reflection 29RS Oct.2017 build date, EMS-HW50C , Lippert Remote
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        Usnthedog , if the winterizing instructions supplied by Grand Design were wrong (telling you to bypass the water heater, when that is incorrect for the type of water heater in your trailer) shouldn't it be their fault? And covered under warranty?

        I only discovered the instructions were wrong by luck. Had read a lot of posts in this forum and did some research outside of the materials provided by Furiion and Grand Design before using our new trailer this February in freezing temps.

        I'd take another run at Custom Service for warranty coverage. Unless you really feel it was your fault, and not faulty instructions.

        If I break ours I'll definitely replace with a unit more suitable for cold weather.

        Mike and Rebecca
        2022 Reflection 150 260RD
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          Sorry I haven't been monitoring my post. Thanks for the encouraging words. I was in a hurry to get it replaced so I didn't do any looking. I have repaired the rupture and reinforced a couple of bulges. It holds 100+ psi so I think it is good. With time and some nerve I would have repaired it. I now have a spare. The book says that you are to drain the water heater for any long term storage. I,m sure over winter would be covered so they gotcha'. I just hope this prevents a freeze-up for someone in the future.