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Water pump losing prime, continuous running

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  • Water pump losing prime, continuous running

    During our last trip out our water pump was not running correctly. It seems that if you run water for a short period of time, the pump will run after the valves are closed…continuously and will never reach the shutoff pressure…if you open a valve again…the pump will run and draw water…when you close the valve the pump builds pressure and shuts off.

    I have removed and cleaned the filter screen, no luck. I replaced the pump, no luck. I discover some crimps that were loose and some gaskets that needed replacement, no luck.

    I am completely frustrated. The only thing I can think of next is that the line going to the freshwater tank may have a leak?

    who can help me with the solution? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Does it have a separate suction line and valve for pulling in antifreeze for winterization? If yes, that valve may be slightly open sucking in air.
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      It has the nautilus system on it…. Could it be one of the valves leaking?


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