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  • Water heater temp

    We just purchased a 2020 Imagine 2500rl. We are newbies to camping. We went on our shake down trip. When I took my shower the water temp was extremely hot. When my wife went to take her shower the water was ice cold. So actually I have two questions. The first question is that the water never did hot again I’ve checked everything and I’m suspecting that it is the thermal cut-off. The second question is there a way to adjust the temperature of the water?

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    What type of water heater do you have, tank or tankless?

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      Randy0787 Hey Randy, Brian is right the first question is which water heater you have. Given it's a 2020 I'm going to assume it's a Dometic/Atwood, in which case it does not have a temperature adjustment, they run them hotter than normal so you don't have to run as much hot water through the shower and they marketed it as a 6 gallon water heater that you get 12 gallons out of or some such thing.

      As far as why it stopped heating, (again assuming it's the Dometic) were you on gas or electric, and did it not heat on either?
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        A tank style water heater has two temperature limits. The lower one is supposed to cycle the heat on and off. The higher one is an emergency limit if the lower temperature control has failed. Given that you describe the first shower as “extremely hot”, I suspect that the normal limit failed and the temperature rose to where the emergency limit shut everything down. These are replaceable thermal fuses . . . depending on which water heater you have.

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          Gee wiz info: the normal temp of a 6 gallon is 140, over-temp is 180. Easy to measure by filling a cup with hot water and measuring with a kitchen meat thermometer.
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