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Leak above low point valves.

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  • Leak above low point valves.

    Hello. I have a Reflection 150 278BH and I dewinterized it and when sanitizing the tanks and lines I noticed a small leak coming from above the low point drains and seeping out through the foam (see the pics) . This happened when the tank and lines were full of water. Any idea what this could be? How hard is it to access the underbelly as I assume it is a small crack or loose fitting somewhere up there. What do the low point valves connect too inside the underbelly?Any ideas or thoughts? Thank you
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    The coroplast is held up by a lot of screws around the perimeter into the frame rails. It is not hard to drop a side to see the issue, help is good to put back up, I used some spring clamps to hold in place while I inserted the screws back in.

    The low point drains are "T" into the water lines that are above the coroplast. If you did not open the low point drains when you winterized there was no antifreeze that would have entered them, I have done that before as well so you are not alone if this is what you did. Hopefully it is just a "T" that is cracked but you should look around and see that there is no other leaks somewhere while you have the coroplast dropped.

    Brian & Michelle
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      Its also possible its further up or completely unrelated to the low point drains, that tends to be a low spot in the coroplast and has a hole in it (for the drains) so any leak anywhere in that area, the water migrates to that hole and drains out. I chased a slow leak in mine (even removed my low point drains since I never winterize) and finally found a tee leaking (the infamous soft hose to PEX issue) up near the shower. The water just made its way down to the coroplast and out. Definitely need to open up the coroplast and look.
      Neil Citro
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