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Rain Entering Kitchen Thru Slide

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  • Rain Entering Kitchen Thru Slide

    I have a 2023 GD Solitude 390 RK. We have had water from rain fall come in the front floor of both kitchen slides. Has anyone had this issue?

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    Good morning, and welcome to the technical forum. Rain penetration around a slide can be tough to track down. Here's how I'd approach it.

    1. Perform an examination of the slide out seals. There are seals that should pivot out when the slides is extended, and pivot in when the slides are retracted. A frequent cause of leaks is when the seals don't pivot while the room is moving. This happens frequently when I'm extending my slide outs. It's most prevalent right after I wax my RV because there's not enough friction between the seal and the slide to pull them out. Not only are there seals that flip on the sides of the slide, but also along the roof line. So getting on a ladder or the roof is necessary to inspect these. If you find a seal that has not flipped, it's very easy to manipulate it by hand to the correct position.

    2. Inspect all the caulking between the walls and the seals. If there is loose or missing caulking, rain can penetrate the walls and do substantial damage. If the caulking is missing, you'll need to address this immediately.

    And sometimes, wind driven rain can find the tiniest spots to enter our RVs around the slide outs.

    Jim and Ginnie
    2024 Solitude 310GK - 2020 F350 Dually
    GDRV Technical Forum Moderator
    GDRV Rally Support Coordinator


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      I have a 2023 22 MLE and I found a small dip in the top of my slide to where water sets. If I dont wipe it off before bringing the slid in, I will have water pooled on the floor. I have it at the dealer to see if it can be fixed at this time.

      Gerald & Trish
      2023 Imagine 22 MLE
      eugene or.