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    slides sound like they are going to tear a hole in the wall in and out. I don’t think they were installed correctly. They are not going to last at this rate. One week use in and out 10 times. I cringe every time I hit the switch. Kitchen slide bounces a bit, up and down side to side. I am really regretting this purchase

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    How level is the trailer, both front to back and side to side? Most slides need to be pretty close to level when operating. I'm not saying yours aren't, just asking.
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      Yep it’s level. Front back-side to side. Thanks for the suggestion


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        What type of slide is it....a Schwintec by chance?
        If it ain't fast.....It ain't fun!


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          Reading your recent posts, perhaps you should list out all the problems and have a Grand Design dealer repair all of the issues. Your unit should be under warranty.
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            After a couple of trips I took ours in for a couple of minor things. One of them was the kitchen slide was making an load noise and I thought it was going to mess something up. When showing the service department the slide didn`t move out pass a foot and it made a horrible sound. Picked it up and it sounded like one comes to expect. They told me it just needed lubing that all the adjustment where fine. Works now and I checked under the slide and found where they lubed the rod. the rod was dry when I checked everything before I took it in. Hope that is all that is needed for yours.


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              There are three different types of slide outs installed in GDRV units. Hydraulic, Schwintek, and Lippert through frame.

              Which type of slides are you dealing with? Have you lubricated them? It makes a huge difference in noise on mine when they are dry.

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