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Upgrading new camper 29G->349M

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  • Upgrading new camper 29G->349M

    (Hope this is the right spot to post)

    Could use some wise input from the seasoned veterans.

    So, I've owned a 29G for a few months now and thinking about trading it in for a 349M.
    Background: Single, Full-timer rv for 4 years.
    Before the 29G, I lived in a 20' cargo trailer I converted.

    Main issues:
    • Slide-outs, at least for the bedroom, I hate it.
      • Super cold/less insulation b/c of seal (in mid-west right now, don't know where to later)
        • Seems like the climate would be more stable with the non-sliding bed in the 349M
        • Also looking at the dual pane upgrade for windows
      • Shake (wind in teens is annoying/can feel it tweaking the slide)
        • Bed is most important, In super windy conditions, the couch and kitchen can be slide-in and still have the bed usable
        • On the 29G, the bed is useless slide-in. But it is nice that the kitchen is still usable with the couch slide-in
      • I like the idea of stopping for a quick nap and being able to keep the slides in while traveling.
    I guess my question; is my reasoning sound?

    Not having half my body in the slide-out seems like it would solve my two big complaints.

    There are other reasons for wanting the upgrade (washer/dryer hook-ups, bigger tanks, etc) but I'm not sure if I should post about that in this thread.

    If I do choose to pursue this, I'll have follow-up questions about solar, should I post a new topic in the appropriate section I guess?

    Honestly, the reason I picked the 29G was to not have to upgrade my truck (Chevy 1500). After pulling it home dry I decided to upgrade because wet was gonna be a no go. So I just traded in for a used GMC 3500.

    Thanks everyone
    2021 GMC 3500
    2022 Momentum 29G

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    You will get plenty of input regarding slide outs in cold weather camping, d2reid is our resident on cold weather camping , he seems to just love that for some reason (I think they really like to ski). Even with the "Arctic Package" an RV is still going to be hard to keep warm inside during cold weather, the walls are rather thin at 1-1/2" thick in most cases. This may just come down to your preferences and what will suit you better for your usage and needs.

    For all other questions please post in the proper channel as it is easy for discussion.

    Welcome and I hope we can help you with your decision.

    Brian & Michelle
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      Based on the text in your post there's no getting around that you don't like a slide-out bedroom. If trading for something that you like better is in the budget...go for it. Why live with something you "hate"?

      Check out the washer/dryer prep area closely (put eyeballs on it) before committing to the 349M. I can't remember specifically but a question is nagging at the back of the brain about hookups being screwy--maybe it's an outside vent is not possible? I honestly don't remember and definitely could be wrong, but please check it out. (I have Splendide separates in my 315RLTS and the dryer vents outside. It's slow, and the loads are small, but the DW loves the convenience.)

      Trashman is about the only recent forum member I found that has a 349M--hopefully he sees the tag and will help with any specific questions you may have on the trailer.

      If you'd like to know more about this forum, check out the Welcome Letter to New Members:

      Forum moderators are not GD employees--we are volunteers and owners presumably just like yourself. Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, we have nothing to gain should you choose to purchase a product or engage a service we discuss on this forum.

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        Thanks for the input from both of you. And for the welcoming!

        I sorta want to stick with GD, seems to call to me a bit. But just tossing it out there; are any other mfgs necessarily more insulated around the slide-outs or in general? Or even keeping with GD, are any of the other models better? I've mostly been looking at the Toy Haulers because I like the separated garage as office/workshop space. (Although I may buy a dirtbike in the future, probably not).

        I guess I do sorta have my mind made-up, just super concerned on making any mistake. I can be happy with anything.... And nothing... lol

        The dryer vent is an interesting tidbit, I will look into that, Thanks.
        2021 GMC 3500
        2022 Momentum 29G


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          Plew_ar Have you considered the Solitude 345? It has a desk built into the back wall, and has dual pane windows.

          There's also the Reflection 311 with dual bathrooms. You could convert the rear bedroom to an office.
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            If you are not absolutely sure that you need the garage of a toy hauler, you might find more of the space you want for full time living in a Solitude or a Reflection. Anther consideration might be a Reflection TT which leaves the box of the truck available for the future dirt bike. Washer and Dryer provisions are usually better planned in the trailers intended for full time living than in a toy hauler. We completely concur with your observations WRT a centreline bed rather than the bed in a slide . . . for all the reasons that you describe. If you are planning to be able to use the trailer with slides in at a travel stop, keep an eye on bathroom access and furnace use with slides retracted.

            Cate & Rob
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              I haven't really considered the other line-ups. Thanks for the suggestions on the Solitude and Reflections. That gives me a lot to think about. More research time
              2021 GMC 3500
              2022 Momentum 29G


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                Originally posted by Plew_ar View Post
                Super cold/less insulation b/c of seal (in mid-west right now, don't know where to later)

                Seems like the climate would be more stable with the non-sliding bed in the 349M

                Also looking at the dual pane upgrade for windows

                Shake (wind in teens is annoying/can feel it tweaking the slide)
                Like a lot of things in life it is very difficult to find the perfect answer. I am a fan of dual pane windows for cold weather camping. They are not perfect. They may have a seal failure and get moisture in between the panes causing "fog" in the window. 12 windows, 4 years, I have one that fogs sometimes. Much better for overall insulation, but not perfect. I notice a lot of temperature transfer through the window frames, that doesn't change single to double pane. Noise reduction is a definite plus for dual pane Single pane can be independently insulated with shrink wrap window insulation. Choices....

                Slides in super cold weather are difficult to insulate. I have done a number of things over the years to mitigate the cold in slides. In the end I kind of gave up trying. My clothes are cold when I take them out of the drawer. My electric heater sits across from my kitchen slide to keep that area warmer, The LR slides are used mostly for storage in the winter. Checking that the seals properly fit is a good thing. Still not perfect, but not a problem for me.

                Wind always makes it colder in the RV, forces col air through small cracks that don't normally leak much. So you put a skirt on, check all the seals, and then listen to it. Mostly shaking wind only lasts for a few hours every other month or so.

                There are no right answers here, you just have to think about the options and make your own decision.

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