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Schwintek steel and plastic rivets in H column

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  • Schwintek steel and plastic rivets in H column

    I had a blow out on one of West lakes and it tore the wire to the kitchen slide in two. I spliced it back together and got a shorted wire code. Found that when the tire blew it grabbed the wire and jerked about three feet out from under the underbelly and when it ran out of slack it stretched then broke the wires (hidden inside the cable). I cut out about 2' to get rid of the short and I get no more error messages. I ordered some cable and will extend it back to full length when it arrives.
    That side of the slide (lower bottom roller) is stuck. Even after removing the motors it would not move. I finally removed the H column and racks on that side. The lower bearing block wouldn't move by hand either. I took it apart and inspected it. Also cleaned it with BrakeKleen then lubed it with silicone. I couldn't get the drive shaft out because the lower spur gear had been banging against the splines on the driveshaft and made burrs. I filed them off and took it apart for inspection. I don't see anything wrong with it. I can now freely move the bearing blocks along the rails.
    I am not sure if something got jammed from the blowout as it tore up the fender flare, sheet metal and other stuff or what.
    The only thing I question is the rivets. Not the H column gib rivets- they are fine. It's the steel rivet that holds one side of the bearing block (plastic ones are long gone of course). It doesn't look like either one is long enough to do anything. I tried a new rivet but it's too long and fat once installed for me to install the lower bearing block. I am thinking maybe I should install the bearing blocks and then just install a screw through from the outside. Thoughts?
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    I'd replace the entire assembly (both sides). Hopefully as part of a larger insurance claim.
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