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Electric brakes weak on New Imagine 2600RB?

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    My brakes were dreadfully bad when new too. I had one whole brake assembly and hub eat itself. It took lots of adjusting and messing around, but I have solid braking performance now, though I notice a HUGE difference when the brakes are warm vs cool. When the brakes are good and warm, the trailer feels like it's tugging on the truck. When cool, I can barely feel them at all. I use the boost feature on my P3 to adjust for that as needed. I do find I need to run my gain at about 8.5 for best performance in the widest range of conditions.

    Just back from a 4300 mile round trip that included tons of mountains. Everything worked great!
    2022 Imagine 2600RB
    2016 Sierra Denali 1500


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      uwskier, that is a bunch of miles! Glad your brakes are good now. Good info!
      2022 Imagine 2600RB
      F150 Lariat 5.0L, 3.55, HD Tow Package
      Dallas, Texas area


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        Worth repeating: It's been said elsewhere on this forum (and in the Dexter documentation), but these electric brakes really do need to be "broken" in before they work. Ours were essentially non-existent on our new 2500RL when we towed it home 60 miles from the dealer. I had the truck's gain at maximum, but still had to press the truck brakes much harder than normal. On our first longer trip, I was dialing down the gain as we added miles. After the 1000 mile round trip, they worked as they should, with the truck brake pressure feeling about par with no trailer. I also checked the adjustment after that first trip home - they needed a fair bit of adjustment, but that did not add much braking affect.
        Ottertail, Minnesota
        2022 Imagine 2500RL VIN 573TE3029N6637046
        2022 Ford F-150 Lariat, SuperCrew, long box, max tow