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Propane flow and quick connect

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  • Propane flow and quick connect


    When I purchased my '23 Reflection 303 in September, I was missing the quick connect (QC) for the grill located under the door side storage basement.

    I read about the issues they were having with the QC supplier and I assumed that is the reason I did not have any on my unit. I called grand design and they sent me the entire gas line system!! I removed the two QCs and installed one of them on to my rig.

    I then went to the nearest propane store and made up a 6 ft hose for my grill.

    That's the history. I tried using the grill last night but it wouldn't light, no gas at all. I've read some of the other forum posts. Here's what I found:

    I removed the quick connect. When the propane is ON, I can hold my thumb over the hole on the manifold and gas pressure will build.

    I can reinstall the QC and the hose (with no other fittings) and there is no pressure at all. In fact I can hold a match to it without any results. The hose is completely unobstructed.

    I do understand there are two regulators (one for each tank).

    There is no additional regulator on my grill.

    That leaves me with two faulty QCs (tried both from GD)

    OR there is some physics lesson I'm missing.

    Bruce and Michelle - and Callie (GSD)
    2019 Ram 2500 Laramie 6.4L HEMI
    2023 Reflection 303RLS (purchased 9/2022)

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    Did you turn on the valve on the side of the trailer side QC? Also when fully inserted the valve will turn on, if not fully inserted, the valve will not work.

    Also have you checked that there are no obstructions in the hose? I've heard stories of the plastic thread protectors getting lodged in the fittings.
    Vehicle: 2018 GMC K2500 Denali Diesel
    Coach: 303RLS Delivered March 5, 2021
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      It sounds like the qc coupler is not being opened when the hose is connected.
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      2020 F350 PS,CC,LB,SRW


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        The quick connect may not be the issue it could be the hose you are trying to use which may not be making the proper connection.

        Brian & Michelle
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          Jlawles2 I turned on each propane tank individually and combined. I completely removed the quick connect and got propane to the manifold. The hose was not obstructed - I removed all of the fittings and blew through everything separately.

          UPDATE: When you mentioned valve, I thought you were talking about the valve on the propane tank. Several hours later I just couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work since I blew through the hose and it was clear. I was looking at a picture of quick connects on google and began thinking about what you said. What you were calling a valve, I was calling a collar lock. I went out and got the quick connects out of my truck and looked down into the female and saw a ball-valve!! Good grief!! I thought that thing was a lock to prevent the male from inadvertently coming out....but I wasn't using them when I was testing.

          I'll try it again in the morning but I think that's the problem. Thanks for your help.

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          Bruce and Michelle - and Callie (GSD)
          2019 Ram 2500 Laramie 6.4L HEMI
          2023 Reflection 303RLS (purchased 9/2022)