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Battery box brands and construction - Help with GC2H box selection options

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  • Battery box brands and construction - Help with GC2H box selection options

    Ok -Links shown are for discussion. The space I have in the front compartment is as follows Front to back roughly 18" (hot bus bar cover is limiting factor. If I offset from it I get about 20.5". I do have a side notch between front jack strut and hot buss bar cover of about 13" so a long skinny dual GC2 box might fit. This would create a staggered box situation for the dual end to end skinny boxes available. To the left of the factory battery box I have added a structural support under the front pan from the front cross member to the rear of the bay. Distance side to side is not an issue but I wold like to stay under 28" so I can save some of my shelving I installed. So I have a 28" wide by 18" deep area with a 3" deep by 13" wide side notch Box or boxes are for 4 GC2H flooded battery's and will be inside in my front 5th wheel bay.

    Preferred option My previous unit had a similar box to this Its a one piece quad box and worked well before, Pro its one box with sturdy construction so I can stack light weight stuff on top, Con its out of stock everywhere or a long while and pricey with shipping. Also it does not have any sporting structure built into the box. Also no hold down built in.

    Option 1 This is a duel end to end box. One could be slit into the notch and second overlap it by 3". Pro sturdy box , Two side by side will fit with a few inches to spare. Con - again no extra base support. Will need to modify my vent piping. No built in hold down.

    Option 2 Two of these will fit side by side. Boxes are probably stronger. Existing vent piping will work. Con - now lower support structure so pan will need to support the load. No built in hold down

    Option 3 4 GC@ battery's will fit. Con - will need to trim down the height and shim the battery's in place. N o built in hold down.

    Option 4 Don't know the Moeller brand.. Box looks sturdy and may offer some lower support. Two will fit side by side in space allowed and existing vent plumbing will work. Con - takes up more room than option 2. No built in hold down.

    Option 5 This is a tank of a box with lower battery support. Will just fit the space end to end spreading out the battery load to the pan edges. Pro Box appears to be very well made and has structural battery support. Also has built in hold down points at corners. Con - takes up more room of any of the options. I also know nothing about this brand.

    So thoughts on my options. There are two other boxes out there but reviews show flimsy construction on both. If I cant find my quad box, I am leaning toward option 5 for the added support structure it offers. Option 5 may be the best even if I can find my quad box. Thoughts?

    Please don't get into the lithium discussion. SWMBO has taken that option off the table and I would want them in a box anyway, When I was looking I could not find a box to fit 4 BB sized units unless I went oversized.

    Thanks for any help on this. All thoughts and options are welcome.


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    I have a Moeller 18 gallon fuel cell that i use as a reserve tank for diesel in one of my trucks. If that box is built of similar quality, its thick and beefy.
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      These folks got back to
      me. With Covid it seems everyone is upgrading. They should have the boxes back in stock in 3 weeks. The even offered a small discount. Ill sleep on it and make the decision tomorrow.
      2018 Reflection 150 Series 220RK 5th wheel. Reese R20 Titan hitch, Steadyfast system, 2004 F350 King Ranch dually