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Blown fuse on furrion solar plug

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  • Blown fuse on furrion solar plug

    I have a 2019 2150 RB grand design. I accidentally had my battery wires short and blow the fuse on my solar. I found the fuse behind the furrion plug on the side of the camper!! Just wanted to let people know!!! See the picture I took below.

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    Thanks Laserman1. And on some units, the fuse is mounted on the inside behind a plastic box.

    Here's a related story. Furrion calls for a 10 amp fuse to be used on this circuit. When I received my 2017 297RSTS in October of 2016, I found a 7.5 amp fuse with a fuse holder that was also rated for 7.5 amps max. I called one of my contacts at GDRV who did some investigating. He found out that the factory ran out of 10 amp fuses and fuse holders, so they substituted a 7.5 amp version. I rewired it on my own so that it met Furrion's specifications. If any of you are planning on using this port, make sure you check for a 10 amp fuse before proceeding.

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      This explains how they operate when thinking of their other products.