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    Hey Norm,
    When you relocated your batteries, did you continue to use that original battery disconnect switch?
    I thought I understood it, but now I'm not so sure.

    So, doesn't the original positive red 8 guage wire from the DC fuse panel running to the battery disconnect switch both charge the battery and run the DC side of the trailer from the battery?

    I relocated my batteries to be underneath the bed. Now I'm having trouble figuring out how to hook up that same wire(now as 4 guage) to that auto reset circuit breaker on the tongue.


  • Oregon Fun-Guy
    I got rid of the factory installed battery disconnect. Yes, electricity runs both directions on the wire between the disconnect and the charger. When the trailer is plugged into shore power the converter powers the 12 volt system which includes charging the batteries. When not plugged into 120 volts, the battery sends 12 volts the 12 volt side of the electrical system.

    I installed a new switch on the curbside of the trailer. This switch channels my two separate battery banks into one wire that goes to the converter and a second wire to the fuse on the tongue. The second wire is a (shortened) piece of the 8 gauge. This basically runs the propane gas monitor in the trailer. It also serves to bring soar power back to my batteries because the solar wires also hook to the fuse on the tongue. My switch has a setting that allows me to turn the 12 volt system off.

    Does this make sense? I have a diagram, but it doesn't have the solar portion on it, yet. I changed up my solar wiring and installed a new Progressive Dynamics converter in the last couple of days.
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