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"2018 Solitude 310GK Titan Disk Brakes, MorRyde SRE 4000 with X Factor Crossmember 2017 GMC 3500HD Duramax Crew Cab, 4x4, SRW 6’ box"
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    Hi Mark,

    I cannot find your post in inquiring about the 7 pin connector for charging. As most members will tell you, the charger is only capable of about 7-10 amps when charging a RV battery. With a lithium system its never good to connect two different battery types in parallel. As a result, its best to use a DCDC charger which will "pull" current to perform charging. Your truck is capable of 30 amps where you can check this by searching for the fuse in the power distribution panel under the hood and see what the rating is on the fuse. I installed a 20 amp Renogy which can be adjusted for all battery types. It will deliver the stated 20 amps where I've seen start up current as high as 27 amps so IMO this is as high as you can go if using the 7 way trailer connector to power the charger.

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  • Markb777
    Thanks for the information Jim. I didn't make the post but was talking to Howard about this and he made the original post on my behalf.
    I was never going to mix 2 different types of batteries but will be using two BB LifePo4 100 amp batteries with a Victron 2000 inverter. I was originally contemplating Lifeline AGM's but now going with the BB's.
    I''m familiar with the DCDC charger but did not think it would pull any more out of the 7 pin connector than about 10a max.
    Are you able to pull more out of the 7 pin with the DCDC or did you run a completely separate wire directly from your alternator on TV?
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