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  • Two new mods

    This post is for anyone interested in adding sumo springs or changing your Insight camera to something else.
    To preface this, I am 55 years old and have retired once already from law enforcement but I am working full time at another agency to get a second pension. I have done a lot of mechanical work on my vehicles over the years and home repairs too. If I can do it myself and have the time, I will to save a buck.

    The sumos took about an hour to install and that included reading the instructions, setting up the camper, install, and lowering camper back down. Super easy. Just make sure you keep the spring part loose enough while tightening the bracket bolt. It needs to move a little to seat the jaws onto the springpack top plate. I had to use one spacer and I found that I have Dexter axles (at least one thing not made by Lippert).

    I removed the Insight camera and base by just taking out the two self tapping screws. They use a lot a clear sealant and some sort of black sealant resembling tar behind the base. It took a while to scrape all of that stuff off. A little rubbing alcohol for final removal and cleaning. The factory didn't drill the hole for wires centered above my middle running light. It was offset to the right by about an inch or so. The Insight camera is hardwired into the wiring in the wall, no easy connector to undo. I was installing the Furrion S7 system. It comes with a bunch of wire and on the end is a quick connect. So, the wires coming out of the camper are red and black. So are the ones for the Furrion. I cut the wiring that came with the Furrion in half, because you don't need it all, and used small wire nuts to go red to red and black to black. I tried using small Ideal wire push connectors but the wires aren't strong enough to get in there, hence the wire nuts. Keep in mind, the wires with the Furrion are about a 20g wire, super tiny. Be careful when stripping the insulation off not to cut any wires. I grabbed two self tapping screw out of my screw collection in the garage to finish the install. The Furrion kit didn't come with self tap screws for some reason.

    I hope this helps anyone else having doubts about doing these two upgrades. If this old man can do it, so can you.
    Mark & Yvonne
    2022 Reflection 303RLS
    2007.5 Chevy 2500HD LTZ 4x4 CC/SB
    Timbrens, Curt 16a slider