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5th wheel hitch issues

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    Originally posted by JBill9694 View Post
    I have zero experience with these but haven't seen it mentioned in any other of the posts. gundealer , have you considered a king pin extension? I just googled it and got multiple hits. One claimed to gain 10" of clearance between trailer nose and truck cab.
    As discussed earlier, the "turning point" pin box only comes in one length. The attachment "wings" on the trailer are a different width than for a standard pin box, so changing to a lengthened standard pin box would be complicated. Also . . . extending the pin box (or moving the rails back) brings the wings of the pin box closer to the tailgate and closer to the side rails of the pickup box in a turn for an extended pin box. This can cause other problems.

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      Hi John. I don't think I can use a king pin extender since the Reflection 150 series trailers already come with the Lippert 90 degree turning point hitch system which is an extender already. Also, the brackets used between the frame and bed is truck specific for the 2015-2020 F150. Oh well.