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    Originally posted by Cate&Rob View Post

    "Refraction" has no calibration. It is a scale measure of light through a liquid. There is usually a "calibration" line where you can use distilled water, but this is usually to make sure there is no contamination on the sample glass. The same (or similar) tool has been used for years to measure antifreeze, battery acid, etc. As long as the sight glass is rinsed after each use it should be ready for the next test. I have used one of these for years to measure antifreeze protection when winterizing boats.

    I agree, refraction has no calibration, but a device using refraction principles to measure the quality of a substance does.
    Every measurement device requires calibration/confirmation of some sort. You need to know the device, whatever it is measuring, is measuring correctly against a known quantity to have faith in it.
    Cate&Rob Edit. I better understand what you said Rob. There are no electronics etc to confirm operation. Just a lump of glass. So I understand now what you meant by 'needs no calibration'
    All the refractometers I had used in the past had heaters and digital displays.
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      Originally posted by Jlawles2 View Post
      Yoda Keith, I've been using the bulk handle at truck stops since my first DEF truck back in 17. Only bought jugs 1 time (this past year while traveling).

      Best advice on DEF is either bulk (there is a pretty tight standard on the stuff), or when buying in jugs pay attention to the jug. A sealed container of DEF should have a very long shelf life by the way they are sealed.

      Also when using truck stops, be advised if you use the truck pumps for fuel, not all of them take personal credit cards at the pump (quite frustrating) unless it's "registered" with the company. Also Fuel at the truck pumps is typically more expensive (who knows why) vs the pumps out front.

      DEF usage definitely went up while towing. I think I made 2300 miles with a full tank before it got down to the first warning in my 18 GMC (thats about 5 gallons).
      I prefer truck stops. You can get an EFS card through TSD Logistics to use at most truck stops that gets you a discounted rate on diesel (but not a discounted rate on DEF). If they don't take a personal card or the EFS card, sometimes you just go to cashier and pre-pay with a personal card. The diesel pumps at truck stops pump a much higher volume so fill ups are quick and easy and you can fill up with DEF at the same pump. It's very convenient.

      With the my 2020 Powerstroke, I will get 6000+ miles with one 7.5 gallon tank of DEF. While towing I will only get about 1200 miles...sometimes less. MPG is 9.0 to 10.5 while towing and 17.5 without towing (mixed city/highway).

      I do use archoil's AR6500 with each fill up and AR 6400D every 5000 miles. Honestly I don't notice a boost in power or MPG from the additive, but I feel better that my injectors are staying clean.

      Also, S&B filters makes a good 68 gallon fuel tank for the super duty long bed (60 gallon for short bed). It's a direct replacement of the factory tank that uses factory pump and filters. You just need to reprogram tank size and you're good to go. About $1300.
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        Click image for larger version

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        Apparently water is used to set the reference from which the urea concentration is measured. The nominal is 32.5% urea in def.
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          Hi Keith,

          I have hitched our Reflection 303RLS to the new F350 and taken some measurements and pictures that you may be interested in.

          Cate & Rob
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            Originally posted by Cate&Rob View Post
            Hi Keith,

            I have hitched our Reflection 303RLS to the new F350 and taken some measurements and pictures that you may be interested in.

            Thanks Rob
            I don't have any king pin box adjustment that I know of due to the turning point hitch, but do have hitch adjustment possible if I use the frame. I am hoping to sell my hitch and get a B&W. Your tailgate clearance is about what I have now, but my hook up procedure is to back in to clear tailgate, then close the tailgate to hook up. especially if I am at and angle. DW closes it as I work in. I think I will be OK - especially with the 3" of squat.

            Thanks for the pictures.

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              In case anyone is curious about the 2020 features I fond and online manual here
              Just starting to read through it.
              Other manuals and information PDF's are here
              The trailer backup assist should be interesting to set up. It appears the kin pin sensor is hardwired to the truck using an accessory cable and does not use the camera and squares the TT uses.

              Right now I am a little intimidated by all the buttons and menu's. At least it will have the 12" productivity screen that I can actually see.

              On edit
              I also discovered that with the SYNC® 4 I get with the KR package, that ford is getting automatic vehicle status updates and can send out updates without me needing to go to the dealer. I don't know if that is a good thing yet or not.
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              2018 Reflection 150 Series 220RK 5th wheel. Reese R20 Titan hitch, Steadyfast system, 2004 6.0 F350 King Ranch dually - traded in


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                Originally posted by Yoda View Post
                As of today I no longer have the OH! OH! 6.0 I traded it in on a new 2022 King Ranch order - F350 CC Long Bed SRW. Should be here in 6 to 10 weeks. Ordered 6.7, 3.55 gears, up fitter switches, instant cab heat (gets 397 amp alternator), block heater, 5th wheel prep, 12400 GVW package, GN hitch kit, skid plates, LED Headlamps, bed step, wheel well liners F/R, all in Star White. I did get x plan pricing - first one this year for dealer.

                So I should be all set for my trip to Alaska - I just need to find out the mileage they want before towing - or does it matter with the new 6.7 engines?

                Now to watch for sales for the add on's - bed mat, Retrax cover. mud flaps. possible in bed aux fuel tank, etc.

                And its all Rob's fault Cate&Rob


                We are planning on a new truck January of 2023. Lots of stuff to study, just like solar..
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