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Lippert Auto Level on an 2500RL?

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  • Lippert Auto Level on an 2500RL?

    I have recently purchased a GD 2500RL.

    Do any of you have the Lippert auto level system installed and if so how well does it work?

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    Which one are you asking about specifically? Lippert has I think three main leveling products.

    We've had two of them, the electric on a Reflection and now the hydraulic on a Solitude. Both have worked very well... one-button push and a minute or so later you're level. We just returned from several days boondocking, first to arrive and so we watched as the mostly-smaller other trailers arrived and fiddled for 15-20-25 minutes with trying to get sort-of level. Made me really appreciate the system.

    We had a problem with the top seal on one of the jacks blowing, warranty replacement. The only other problem we've had was recently, after replacing the trailer's battery the system began leveling with the wheels on one side off the ground in some circumstances. I reset it - a ten-minute job - at the beginning of the boondocking trip and it seems better.
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