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Furrion Fridge Water Collecting

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  • Furrion Fridge Water Collecting

    I have a 2021 260 RD. My fridge has been collecting water in the base for awhile. I can’t seem to find any way to drain the fridge. I have it set on the warmest setting. Has anyone else had this problem or know a solution?
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    Curious why you have it set to the warmest setting?

    I have noticed in our fridge that there will be some ice and or condensation accumulate on the rear upper wall on the inside of the fridge but have not noticed any water accumulation on the bottom inside of the fridge. Being full time you are probably in the fridge more often than we are. What are the ambient temps, inside and outside, where you are? Is the humidity high?

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      48, can you provide the model of the fridge? Would help determine if there is a drain for the refrigerator compartment or not. If there is a drain, you should be able to find the entrance hole somewhere on the bottom of the compartment, and then proceed with making sure it isn't clogged. If there isn't a drain, there should be a collection tray that may have to be sponged out every so often.

      Also, I would check the door latches (they can get sticky and not latch completely) and the door seals (make sure the seals will grip a piece of paper with the door closed for their entire length) to make sure outside moisture isn't getting into the fridge.
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