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2018 303rls kitchen slide denting-tearing flooring.

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    Originally posted by wygieman View Post

    I have added the rubber/felt furniture pads under the plastic slides as my friend recommended. They help level the floor and prevent the edges of the plastic slide from contacting the floor. The rubber/felt pads are just superglued on and hopefully will stay in place. My friend has been using such a pad for over a year successfully with no issues. New pictures of the plastic slides with pads attached.
    I just wanted to update this to say that the felt pads worked great during my summer travels (9,000 miles and 25 stops). Never had to use the slide slickers and had no damage. Forgot all about the problem in fact. I believe using the felt pads on the sliders is a good work around for my vintage 303 for those who can’t go to the factory for a rebuild. Far easier and more convenient than using the slide slickers.
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      I read the whole thread and only saw roller marks on the floor. Here is my 2018 295RL damage. Notice too the end trim piece has been dislodged leaving the staples showing.

      Torn flooring.
      Gave it the finger for size
      Shoe and Finger for Size Reference
      I guess I'll call Grand Design?!