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Propane line damage do to blowout.

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  • Propane line damage do to blowout.

    Left rear tire blow out broke propane line at valve. What is difficulty in replacing line from fridge to the outside fitting ?
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    Not familiar with your unit, so comments may not be accurate.

    It looks like your stove/oven may also be in the slide with the refrigerator, so those lines may also be impacted. I would start with pulling off the lower refrigerator vent cover and see if that would provide access to the propane line and connection{s) I would also remove the stove cover and see if I can access the propane connections to it. Same with the oven, if you have one. If the connections are not accessible, then the task just became more difficult as appliances will have to be pulled. Let's assume that connections are accessible.

    I didn't see the end of the broken hose hanging down in the photos. If you removed it, good. If it was lost in the blowout, bad. You need to determine the length of the hose for purchase of the new hose. GD customer service may be able to help if direct measurement cannot be made. Of course, you will need to know the size of the hose and what fittings are needed.

    With new hose in hand, and connection points accessible, the install of the new hose should be fairly straight forward. Be sure to use a tape or thread dope on the connections made for propane or gas, these are usually yellow in color.

    Once the new hose is in, it is time for the soapy water test. Since the propane system suffered a severe trauma, I strongly encourage you to test every connection including the ones to the regulators, as well as the stove/oven.

    One last observation, there is (or should be) a guide between the trailer body and the outboard side of the slide to keep the propane hose (and electrical wires) from kinking when the slide is closed. I didn't see anything for this in the photos, which doesn't mean it isn't there. Please be sure to use it or have some method to keep the new hose from kinking.

    Good luck.
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      First you are very lucky there was not an major body damage - that's viable.How is the floor above the blown tire? Second the second tire looks low in pressure so may have been damaged.

      Any good propane place or plumbing store that carries propane fittings should be able to make up a hose or direct you to those that can.. It looks like the block is OK. The broken end will unscrew with a bit of effort as thread locker/sealant was used initially - same for the back of the fridge, You can get an approximate length by pulling the lower fridge vent and measuring the hos section viable and then used the tape down and to the junction block. While you have the fridge vent cover off, do check of anything bent as the hose could have been pulled down bending the connection. Pictures would be great.

      BTW what tires are you running and were they at recommended pressure per the sticker on the unit?

      Now having said all of the above John's JBill9694 post has me wondering, Did the wiring bundle get destroyed too as I don't see evidence of that. On my unit the propane line are wiring bundle enter the slide at the rear corner away from the rear tire and is supported be a big spring. Could the fitting that was destroyed be the quick connect for attaching an exterior propane grill, etc If that is the case a simple plug can be put into the block.

      On edit - can you get a picture of the underside of the slide and if GD did the primary connections there (IE one line to stove and one line to fridge off of a junction block mounted to the underside of the slide. If the splitter is not there, lets hope is is at the back of the fridge or a John mentioned this could get tough. From the factory tour I did, all hose sets are pre-made except for the terminus ends.
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