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2022 Grand Design 21 BHE Fridge issues HELP!!

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  • 2022 Grand Design 21 BHE Fridge issues HELP!!

    Fridge is a Dometic 12 volt. When shore docked fridge light will come on when door is opened, but freezer and fridge will not cool properly. When unhooked from shore power and hooked to towing vehicle fridge and freezer work great. Load tested battery and it is good. This is a brand-new battery. What are we doing wrong or what might be issue?

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    RedRiver7 -- welcome to the forum.

    Is the battery disconnect "on" (key stays in)? Shouldn't affect the refrigerator, but can't make assumptions on how something is wired. (Light on the frig shouldn't come on if this was the problem...but again, no assumptions!)

    When you're on shore power, do all the interior lights work (when refrigerator doesn't seem to work).

    Finally--and this is from left field as I'm not an expert on these refrigerators, try the reset procedure as outlined here:

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      You could also check the power distribution panel to see if there is a 12 v fuse marked "refer" or "fridge", make sure that it is no blown if there is one.

      There "should" be no difference in the circuit inside the RV that would allow power from the tow vehicle to the fridge or from shore power, which will go thru the converter to the fridge circuit.

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        Double check your battery connections. A loose or bad connection can cause numerous headaches.
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          If the light is working when you open the door, it means that the refrigerator is getting 12 volts DC. The issue may be that you have a high resistance contact on either the +12V side of things or the ground wiring. A poor connection will allow enough current to flow to light the light bulb, but not enough to power the compressor. But when you plug into the tow vehicle, you are possibly using an alternate path to provide either +12VDC, or ground.

          If I was trouble-shooting this, I'd start by checking all the ground connections near the battery. For example, mine was wired with all the common grounds tied into one wire nut. This could easily be where the problem lies. Here's photo of my grounds as set up from the factory:

          Click image for larger version

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